1. Action Camera Tips for Sports Vlogger

    Action Camera Tips for Sports Vlogger

    The first thing you need to do when filming a vlog is to decide what your video is about. What kind of channel are you going to put up? What are the topics to be discussed? There are tons of content on the internet right now—everything, whether living or nonliving, can be a subject for discussion. A teenage girl can show you how to put on makeup. A mom can show you her daily life with her kids. A three-year-old can give you a review of a toy. It may sound plain and simple, but these videos garner thousands of views.

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  2. What is Miniature Photography?

    What is Miniature Photography?

    Bringing in a new world is a whole different thing.  It is not like the multiple angles that an action camera can give you. Some museums and destinations have oversized sculptures where you can take your photos and make you look smaller. Still, it is not as convincing as those you see on the internet and social media. You may have encountered these photos with tiny people on real-life objects. It is quite interesting to look at and fun to do. Cameras capture these scenes through miniature photography.

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  3. Tips When Creating A Short Film Using An Action Camera

    Tips When Creating A Short Film Using An Action Camera

    Films are commonly shot using high-performance cameras. Professionals use these kinds of cameras to ensure the highest quality possible for their movie. It is not a problem for big studios to acquire this equipment for their production. However, for someone who is starting to make a short film, this can be a bit challenging.

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