1. Installing A Dash Cam: Common Issues and Solutions

    Installing A Dash Cam: Common Issues and Solutions

    If you're thinking of buying a dash cam, you might be having second thoughts if it is essential, or you could go on without it. Today, some car manufacturers have not yet considered adding an installed camera in their precious products, leaving this dilemma for the buyer to decide. Dash cams have become a vital car accessory for private car owners and ride-hailing services mainly because of its benefits. Whether you already have a dash cam or still considering to buy one, it is essential to familiarize yourself with its common issue and how to fix them.

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  2. Experimental Photography Techniques You Should Try

    Experimental Photography Techniques You Should Try

    Photos are usually taken with specific rules about framing and focus. The subject must be in the center of the frame or using the rule of thirds to have a balanced composition. It should be clear and must possess the qualities of a great photograph. These are some of the standard practices in photography. Every photographer can always improve their skills and create amazing photos. Rather than following the usual way of taking photos, try experimenting with how you capture images. Doing some alterations or incorporating something will make a significant impact on the produced image.

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  3. Top 9 Free Video Editing Software

    Top 9 Free Video Editing Software

    Travel vlogs are highly popular nowadays, especially to millennials. Before, they only shared their experiences through pictures and writing. These days, it is a whole new game. Documenting your trips and sharing it on social media platforms has been a significant trend. It makes the viewers partly experience the adventures of the uploader. Most of these travel vloggers bring their action cameras along with their journey. Using this device gives a different perspective on their travel adventures. Aside from using cameras, being knowledgeable in video editing will also be a great help.

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