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  1. 7 Practical Photography Tips For Travellers

    7 Practical Photography Tips For Travellers

    Travel photography is a profession that some people dream of. Not only does it allow you to pursue your passion in this field, but it also gives you the chance to travel to amazing places. Travel photography can branch out to other genres, including architecture, landscape, and even wildlife photography.  There is no wonder why many travel photographers prefer Canada as one of the top-rated country destinations. You may find it challenging to pick an exciting location where you can do the photoshoot. Also, you may have a limited time to take pictures of the places where you have travelled by. That's why it is vital to equip yourself with some techniques to maximize your skills as a travel photographer.

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  2. Tips in Using the Bokeh Effect for Night Photography

    Tips in Using the Bokeh Effect for Night Photography
    Night photography is challenging unless you are using an action cam that allows you to capture pictures at night. Not only is it quite tricky to find the perfect subject for a particular theme, but it is also hard to shoot without a good source of light. However, there are some photography techniques that you can apply to capture beautiful photos. One method that you can use when shooting at nighttime is the bokeh effect. It is a photography term used to describe the blurred circles in the background of a photograph. These out of focus light sources look aesthetically appealing. That's why many nighttime photographers use this effect to make stunning pictures at night.
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  3. Creative Ways to Use Your Action Camera

    Creative Ways to Use Your Action Camera
    With action cameras, recording your surfing or skydiving has become less challenging. You only need to attach the device on your helmet, and you are good to go. These devices are ideal for capturing high-risk sports in high-quality definition. If you want to level up your experience using action cams, then here are some exciting tips to use them:
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