1. 5 Tips When Shooting Sports Videos With An Action Camera

    5 Tips When Shooting Sports Videos With An Action Camera
    If you are an avid Internet user, you have probably watched some cool videos across several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. From how-to videos and tutorials to interesting clips from vloggers, there are many exciting footages that you can find online. When it comes to extreme adventures, you might be wondering how these individuals create quality videos. Thinking of how a motorcycle rider takes a video of himself while doing stunts is already quite challenging. For the video enthusiasts who are interested in making cool sports videos, then you may consider using an action camera.
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  2. 12 Best Action Camera Accessories

    12 Best Action Camera Accessories
    There are plenty of fascinating things that you can do with your action camera, from recording your exciting road trips to documenting your sports activities. The portability of this small device allows you to carry it anywhere you like. Not only that, but action cameras are also waterproof, letting you take a video of your water adventures. Climb in mountain peaks, hike in the best trails, surf on the waves, or swim under the ocean - let nothing stop you from doing these recreational activities. With an action cam, you can preserve all of your adventurous moments.
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  3. How to Do High-Speed Photography

    How to Do High-Speed Photography
    With all the existing photography genres, high-speed photography is considered one of the most challenging types. Not only may it require you a piece of excellent camera equipment, but you also have to learn the right camera settings to achieve a stunning photograph. High-speed photography allows you to capture moments that occur in a fraction of time.
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