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  1. Installing A Dash Cam: Common Issues and Solutions

    Installing A Dash Cam: Common Issues and Solutions

    If you're thinking of buying a dash cam, you might be having second thoughts if it is essential, or you could go on without it. Today, some car manufacturers have not yet considered adding an installed camera in their precious products, leaving this dilemma for the buyer to decide. Dash cams have become a vital car accessory for private car owners and ride-hailing services mainly because of its benefits. Whether you already have a dash cam or still considering to buy one, it is essential to familiarize yourself with its common issue and how to fix them.

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  2. 3 Benefits of Installing A Dashcam Near Your Car's Rear View Mirror

    3 Benefits of Installing A Dashcam Near Your Car's Rear View Mirror

    The dashboard camera, also known as a dashcam, is an excellent device that is incredibly popular across the globe. Many people are installing a dashcam to their car because of its significant uses. Aside from recording your exciting road trips, these devices can also be used to take valuable footage that can be used if an unwanted event happens. A dashcam can provide several benefits not only to drivers and car owners but also to the community and police authority. As a new car owner or someone who has never used a dashcam before, you might have some questions regarding the installation of this device. One of the common questions car owners ask is about the best spot to mount a dashcam. Several people install a dashcam to their dashboard while others mount it near the rearview mirror. Each mounting option offers the benefits that every car owner should know.

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  3. Car Dash Camera for Exciting Road Trips

    Car Dash Camera for Exciting Road Trips

    Just thinking of the long stretches of highways and scenic landscapes can already convince you to take a road trip. It is one of the best activities that you can do to unwind and make fun. Canadian tourist attractions are expected to be more active in the coming years. Many adventure-seekers love to take road trips and discover amazing places while travelling under the vast skies. There are several reasons why a lot of individuals like to travel on the road. Besides helping you relax, it also allows you to witness breathtaking landscapes. If you already have a target location where you will unwind, then make sure to check your car's dashcam and see if it is still working correctly. With that device, you can record your thrilling adventures that may serve as long-lasting memories.

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