1. Creative Ideas to Improve Your Travel Photography Skills

    Creative Ideas to Improve Your Travel Photography Skills

    While the rest of the world is having a hard time dealing with today's pandemic, you can use it to improve your travel photography skills. Travelling has become limited due to the new normal protocols. The ongoing pandemic makes most people cancel their trips for safety and health protection. However, that doesn't need to halt you from planning to make new adventures. Travelling has been a way for some people to escape the stressful environment brought by their workplace. As you plan for your next trip, here are some ideas to try for the new look of your travel photos.

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  2. Where to Go Paragliding in Canada

    Where to Go Paragliding in Canada

    The Great White North is famous for its astounding landscapes. These places attract thousands of both local and international visitors. If you are up for an adventure, Canada can provide you with a list of exciting activities that will surely give you a thrilling experience. From skydiving to surfing, the country is home to many excellent locations for extreme adventures. If you are planning for your next trip within the country, you should not miss paragliding. It is because you'll discover lots of places in Canada perfect for this thrilling adventure.

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  3. Dash Cam for Travel Photography

    Dash Cam for Travel Photography

    Many people love to take road trips with their loved ones. It is because this activity can be a great pastime. Besides, travelling down the roads can offer you astounding scenes. For sure, any photography enthusiasts would love to take pictures of Canada's breathtaking landscapes. Besides your smartphone, there are other camera devices that you can use to capture scenic locations. You may utilize a dashcam to photograph scenes that interest you the most. You can follow several tips to achieve the best shots when using a dash cam for travel photography.

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