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Indoor sports are competitive physical activities that can be done in stadiums, gyms and centres. You may have seen photos and videos of sports indoors on the internet and wonder how they are captured with high quality, precision, clarity, and creativity. Taking photos and videos of athletes is not as easy as clicking a camera button and focusing it on the subject. Sports photography is about capturing the game of athletes as they play. It is not just about taking your camera to a sporting event, and simply clicking to get a photo. Similarly, sports videography involves the process of...

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When you are a photographer or videographer, you can explore a myriad of genres while improving your skills in taking pictures and videos. Most photography and videography enthusiasts do these things for passion, but these activities could also be excellent sources of income. However, due to the situation, people are experiencing right now, some photographers and videographers are restricted to travel, prohibiting them from doing their jobs. Fortunately, photography and videography can be done both outdoors and indoors. There are tips that you can apply to create impressive images and footage. Learning some techniques can help you, especially if you...

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