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Whether you're an amateur or already experienced photographer, your aim will always be to capture unique and high-quality photographs. Canada has a lot of breathtaking landscapes that are simply begging to be snapped by your trusty lens. Whether you want to capture the beauty of the wild outdoors through hikes, over frozen lakes, or frosty mountaintops, make sure you have the complete photography gear.

Travelling to these gorgeous parts of Canada brings out the need to capture these landscapes in the best way possible.

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FIVE STARS. Finally a good dash cam that works. Great pic. and sound and seemless operation from day to night.


Tres bon produit qualite prix. Acheté en special. Tres bonne achat. Facile a installer et sa resolution est bonne.

JM Roy

Very easy set up, reliable, most definitely better quality than most in its price range.

Cleroux Family

Good value running really good

Hiren patel

Very affordable alternative to GoPro. Everything works well.


Great Actioncam for use as Dashcam.
- Reliable operation
- Great timelapse feature
- Plenty of great accessories
- Build quality of camera and accessories seems good. I tested the waterproof case in a container of water for 6 hours, no leaks!


Best action camera for the money. you can buy others for 4x and 5x the price but the difference is minimal for the average user. If you have pro sponsored YouTube channel or daily vlog to millions and need the best most extreme camera on the market this isn't for you but for the 99% of you that want a tough waterproof action cam the SJ5000 is a beast.


Its 1080p, images can be seen with good detail and thats needed if your car should get hit and someone drives off you can see their license plate. Has modes for motion, timer for on and off even had a mode that will watch your car well parked so you don't have too! Holds up to a 32gb card and as a side note you should use a class 10 card is best!


No problem with the camera. Plug it in and it starts to record. Good image. Use it for my daily commute to work about 40 minutes both ways. Used the SanDisk ultra 32 GB ultra card. When I used the suction mount that came with the camera, it would fall off the windshield overnight. Cleaned the suction disk with window cleaner and now it has remained in place with no problem. A great buy!

Bill L

A must have for anyone with a car! Screen is very large so you can see things working without any problems and it comes with everything you will need just ad a micro sd card and your ready to go. comes with a car charger with a very long cord so you won't have any problem with length, also comes with a suction cup for your window or anywhere you want to mount the camera, as well as a charger for home so you can charge well you're downloading data from the card.