10 Best Places to Install Your Home Security Camera

Security cameras are helpful devices that can record significant footage. The recorded videos can help the police authorities in capturing the culprit whenever a crime happens. Surveillance cameras can deter unlawful behaviour, which can enhance the security system in crime-prone areas. It is important to install home security cameras to help you monitor your house whenever and wherever you are.


Where to Install Your Home Security Cameras

The advancements in technology allow surveillance cameras to be connected to your smartphone devices. Thus, it can help you monitor the happenings at your home. Besides monitoring, making use of surveillance cameras can increase your security at home. Installing security cameras is crucial since you need to know the best places to mount them. To guide you, listed below are the ideal locations to install your surveillance cameras:



1. Front Door - Although intruders can sneak anywhere, they often come to the houses using the main entrance. Mounting a security camera in the front door enables you to observe everyone who comes in and out of your home, from family members and relatives to the delivery personnel.

2. Back Door - The back door is your secondary door, so it is essential to place a surveillance camera in this area. Doing so can help you detect the people who use the back door for entering your house.

3. Side Doors - If your house has side doors, it will also be significant to install security cams to these locations. There are instances when side doors are commonly used as the entrance to the house, so monitoring those individuals who use these areas to enter your home could benefit you.

4. First Floor Window - Doors are not the only entryway to your house. Windows can also be used to sneak in the home. This is why it is crucial to place a security camera in the windows. With security devices, you can capture images and footage of strangers who may use the windows to assess the inside of your home.

5. Back Windows - Your windows can provide access to intruders, so placing surveillance cameras to these areas can help you identify the burglars. Consider the back windows, especially if you are often away from home.

6. Garage - The garage is the home to your vehicles, including cars, bikes, sports equipment, and other essential mechanical tools. Without surveillance cams, burglars may be encouraged to grab your possessions. To add an extra layer of security, you can mount security cameras to help you monitor all the people who come near to your assets. You may also place a surveillance camera in the driveway, which is also a possible entryway to potential intruders.

7. Yard - It is also essential to place surveillance cameras in the yard to keep your eye on everyone who is scoping outside your house.

8. Side Gate - Placing a security camera in the side gate can also be important in order to keep watch of all the entries. Enhancing your security even on the side gate could be an excellent indicator to the burglars that your home is being surveilled at all times.  



1. Commonplace - To oversee all the activities that are happening inside your house, you may place a security camera in the common areas of your house, including the living room and the kitchen. Please keep in mind to respect everyone’s privacy when doing so or/and ask for the members living in the house for their permission to install a camera in these locations. 

2. Stairways and hallways - To still have an eye for all the possible areas where culprits can breakthrough, you may opt for installing surveillance cameras in main stairways and hallways.

There is no exact number of required cameras that should be installed in your home. It could be beneficial to install a camera in the locations mentioned above, but ultimately you should decide which places are more suitable based on your house and security needs. Try to place cameras in the most vulnerable and vital areas of your house as you see fit. Always remember to make sure to respect the privacy of people who are living in and near your home.


Common Mistakes to Avoid When Mounting Surveillance Cameras

Indoor and outdoor security cameras can be necessary to protect your house and belongings. To maximize the use of your security system, you may avoid these common mistakes:

1. Not securing the security cameras - It is important to install the cameras at least 9 feet above the ground. For outdoor cameras, place protective cases to help them withstand harsh weather conditions. Just make sure that the said cases do not block the cameras in recording footage.

2. Placing the cameras at the highest point - Mounting a surveillance camera in a high position can provide you with a larger view, but it cannot give you a detailed look of a culprit's features. If you want to view larger angles, try to position the camera in an area where it can still identify a person's details.

3. Having inadequate maintenance - Sometimes, people forget to check on their surveillance cameras, not knowing that these devices may malfunction when poorly inspected. To keep the cameras in good condition, you have to apply proper maintenance. You may check if the cables are still functioning and the videos recorded are in good quality. Try to seek professional help if you see that there is something wrong with your camera system.


Placing security cameras could be a vital step in enhancing your home security. Knowing where to place these devices can help you monitor all the activities happening at your home. As mentioned before, keep in mind not to install surveillance systems in places that can invade someone's privacy.