12 Best Action Camera Accessories

There are plenty of fascinating things that you can do with your action camera, from recording your exciting road trips to documenting your sports activities. The portability of this small device allows you to carry it anywhere you like. Not only that, but action cameras are also waterproof, letting you take a video of your water adventures. Climb in mountain peaks, hike in the best trails, surf on the waves, or swim under the ocean - let nothing stop you from doing these recreational activities. With an action cam, you can preserve all of your adventurous moments.


Accessories for Your Action Camera

Having an action cam makes recording videos less challenging, especially if you are on an outdoor trip. However, it would be easier to do the documenting process with the use of essential accessories. From gimbals to tripods, there are plenty of camera accessories that you need to consider to capture fantastic action cam photos and shoot quality videos. Listed below are some of the must-have action cam accessories:

1. Backpack - If you have plenty of accessories, then you may need safe and durable storage for your gears. You may choose a backpack which you can bring for your outdoor trips such as hiking and mountain climbing. When selecting a bag, make sure that it is water-resistant so that you don’t have to worry when sudden rain occurs.

2. Chest Strap Mount - If you want your videos to be shot in a middle perspective, then you may prefer a chest strap mount. Choose a chest harness that has elastic bands that can be adjusted to fit any body size. In most cases, this accessory has a 0.5-inch connector, which is compatible with standard action cameras 

3. Dual Battery Charger - Action cameras can only last for a few hours, which could be a problem if you are shooting a continuous video. It is why having spare batteries is crucial. However, charging one battery at a time can consume much of your time. The availability of dual battery chargers allows you to charge two batteries at a time. If you consider this type of accessory, then make sure that the charger is compatible with your camera's batteries.

4. Floating Hand Grip - Making a video underwater is less challenging with an action camera. However, accidentally losing it while you are recording could be a problem because it might sink and end up on the ocean floor. To solve this issue, you may consider mounting it on a floating hand grip. This accessory is both buoyant and waterproof. It is a must-have gear if you like documenting your water sports and adventures.

5. Gorilla Tripod - If you are shooting in rocky terrain, bringing a tripod could be challenging. This gorilla tripod could be your best alternative because it has segmented leg design that can transform anything to a tripod, from a tree branch to a handlebar. You can use it as a handgrip or mini-tripod. Most of the time, gorilla tripods have mounts and connectors which are compatible with standard cameras.

6. Handheld Gimbal - With a handheld gimbal, creating stable videos wouldn't be a problem. The gimbal technology allows you to shoot videos despite the bumpy motions that you may experience. The handheld gimbal is ideal for extreme activities like biking and skydiving. When buying one, try to purchase a head strap that is washable and has an adjustable nylon strap.

7. Handlebar Mounts - If you like mountain biking, then this handlebar mount is a must-have. It secures your camera device on the handlebar of your bike. The amazing thing about it is that it can also be used for motorbikes and jet skis. Handlebar mounts should have adjustable clamps that you can use to get the best angle.

8. Head Strap Mounts - The common thing that many action cam users have is a head strap mount. It is a multi-purpose accessory because it can be used in many activities, from biking to skydiving. The head strap mount creates an ideal perspective; that's why many video enthusiasts have this gear.

9. Snorkeling Mount - Shooting underwater with a helmet or head strap could bring some struggles. It is why if you are into water adventures like scuba diving or snorkelling, this accessory could be an amazing gear. Snorkelling mounts look like a dive mask with a connector where you can connect your action camera.

10. Suction Cup Mounts - These are necessary accessories for mounting your action cam on smooth surfaces, including boat hulls and action cameras. Most of the suction cups can securely attach your device in both hot and cold conditions. Having these mounts helps you position your camera at any angle. 

11. Tripod Mount - Usually, action cams do not have the standard 0.5-inch UNC connection that is compatible with standard tripods. Although these devices use an adjustable and secure clip mechanism, action cams become incompatible to other gears. For compatibility, you may need a tripod mount that enables you to utilize standard tripods and other essential accessories. This tripod mount could be your necessity, especially if you are using different brands for your camera gears.

12. Waterproof Housing - Though action cameras are water-resistant, it is still important to add another layer of protection. Since not all action cams have a waterproof housing when purchased, you may consider buying one. If you have a waterproof housing for your device, you need not worry about it even if it gets underwater, or soaked in the rain.


With an action cam and multipurpose accessories, recording your memorable trips is more fun. These equipment help you get even better shots whether you are a beginner or an expert. Pick the right gear and create more unforgettable experiences with your action camera.