3 Benefits of Installing A Dashcam Near Your Car's Rear View Mirror

The dashboard camera, also known as a dashcam, is an excellent device that is incredibly popular across the globe. Many people are installing a dashcam to their car because of its significant uses. Aside from recording your exciting road trips, these devices can also be used to take valuable footage that can be used if an unwanted event happens. A dashcam can provide several benefits not only to drivers and car owners but also to the community and police authority. As a new car owner or someone who has never used a dashcam before, you might have some questions regarding the installation of this device. One of the common questions car owners ask is about the best spot to mount a dashcam. Several people install a dashcam to their dashboard while others mount it near the rearview mirror. Each mounting option offers the benefits that every car owner should know.


Why Should You Mount A Dash Cam Near the Rearview Mirror?


As stated earlier, you can install your dashcam on the dashboard, but why choose to mount it near a rearview mirror? Many drivers know the importance of a rearview mirror in driving. Most of them also believe that there are advantages that you can get once you decide to place a dashcam near it, such as:


#1 It gives you the option of wiring the camera into the car's reversing lights. In this way, the unit and full-size display can show once the lights are turned on, giving the driver a better view at the back.


#2 It avoids using long wires. Mounting your dashcam may require connecting wires to the fuse box. These wires could become obstructions if not installed correctly. If your interior fuse box is on the left, then you may place the dashboard camera on the left side to minimize the wire length. When choosing between the left or right view mirror, most drivers prefer the left one because it gives a better viewpoint than the passenger side. In some cases, you also need to consider the model of the car and which side is more accessible. It is because there are instances when the dashcam is mounted on the stem of the mirror on the driver's side, making it difficult to get the SD card.


#3 It provides a good rear view. If there are no forward obstructions, then installing a dashcam near the rearview mirror could be ideal, primarily if it is located up high and in the middle. It is because it allows the driver to have a good rear view of the rest of the car and what's behind the vehicle.

What are the Available Mounting Options?


There are three standard ways on how you can mount a dash cam to your vehicle. You may use an adhesive type mount or a suction cup. The other way to install the camera is by affixing it to the rear vision mirror. Some drivers choose to replace their rear vision mirror with a device that combines a dashcam with a rear vision mirror. If you want a durable and reliable mount, then an adhesive could be your best pick. Typically, it is a thick and spongy double-sided tape. This method could be permanent because of the adhesive tape that's why you should make sure to carefully finalize the position of the dashcam.


How Much Does A Dash Cam Cost?


A dashcam varies in price depending on the technology used. Most of the time, a standard dashboard camera is more affordable compared to a dashcam that has the latest innovative technology. It is vital to understand that even if you have a strict budget, you still have to be selective when availing one. Make sure to pick the best one that can provide your vehicular needs. Some of the desirable qualities that you should be looking for when purchasing a dashboard camera are as follow:


  • Built-in WiFi
  • GPS
  • HD footage
  • Loop recording
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Night vision
  • Parking mode
  • Rear camera recording


Be aware that the dashcams with more innovative features may cost higher than the standard ones. What matters most is to have high-quality videos that you can use for your travel adventures. Most importantly, consider the safety of the driver and passengers.


Can You Use An Action Camera as A Dash Cam?


Some individuals are not able to avail of a dashcam for some reason. If you still don't have one and you are not comfortable with spending extra cash on this device, then you may use an existing action camera to record your road trips. Some of you might ask, are action cams feasible to be used as dashcams? The answer is yes since most of them have a wide-angle lens that can cover the entire view in front of your car. An action camera typically has 4k resolution, allowing you to take quality videos. You don't have to worry when installing it as a dashcam since there are car mounts available, be it a suction or clip-on. A lot of action cameras use micro USB ports for charging, making it less challenging for you to keep your action cam running. One of the best things about quality action cams is that they have a dashcam mode that can automatically start/stop in recording as the engine is switched on/off.

Finding the best dashcam for your vehicle could be quite challenging since there are several factors to consider, including its installation. Nowadays, more and more features are added to a standard dashcam to help car owners when it comes to driving and their security. Make your purchase valuable by opting for high-quality dashcams. Once you find the perfect dashcam for your vehicular needs, then make sure to mount it in an ideal place where it is most feasible. Considering the recommendation of many drivers and experts, you may install a dashcam near the car's rear view mirror to experience more advantages.