6 Cool Gadgets for Men to Try This 2020

Probably, most men who are-tech-savvy want to be updated with the latest gadgets. Every year, a myriad of innovative devices are created to make life easier and more convenient. Besides, these gadgets are also created to provide entertainment, which most people need right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Good thing, there are lots of online shops that allow you to purchase cool gadgets which you can use at home. Besides, these items could be ideal gifts for any occasion. You may also consider buying a fantastic gadget for your father or husband this coming Father's Day.


Must-Have Gadgets for Men

If you know a tech-savvy person, be it your boyfriend, husband, brother, or even your father, you may consider buying him a new gadget. It is not too late to try some cool devices this year, especially now that everyone is looking for some entertainment. Perhaps, you might be thinking about how you can choose the right gadgets for your man. You don't have to visit a tech fair because listed below are some must-have gadgets that you may consider:

#1 Anti-Fatigue Balance Board - If your partner is working from home, then it is recommended to give him this anti-fatigue balance board. He can use it together with a standing desk, keeping him away from having a sedentary life. The anti-fatigue balance board is an ergonomic accessory that promotes proper posture and a healthy lifestyle. It can keep your loved one active while working. It can help him increase his metabolism and prevent cardiovascular diseases. One of the best things about this anti-fatigue balance board is its cool design, perfect for tech-lovers.

#2 Apple Watch - Who wouldn't want to have a watch from the Apple Watch Series? Anyone who loves tech will surely want to have a smartwatch from Apple. In the Apple Watch Series 5, you may choose among a variety of colours and wristband options. You can also use it both indoors and outdoors as long as you have WiFi or internet access. The best thing about the Apple Watch is it works like a smartphone, letting you communicate with the people you love. Another good thing about this timepiece is its health-tracking features. The Apple Watch can monitor your heart rate and facilitate some workouts.

#3 BeerDroid - Does your partner love to drink some beer? Then why not allow him to create a beer for himself? This BeerDroid could be the perfect gift for someone who loves both tech and beer. It is a fully automated beer brewing system that allows you to make 2.6 gallons of beer. This gadget works with WiFi and enables you to connect to a mobile app. The software can be used to monitor the status of the beer brewing process.

#4 Drone - A drone is a useful device that allows you to record videos at higher places. This gadget is ideal for your loved one, whose job is related to photography and videography. You will surely want to have a drone that he can use to capture impressive pictures and take exciting footage. Most drones today can shoot 4k videos, ensuring quality content. Your boyfriend or husband can fly this drone around and find interesting scenes. Not only can it take some exciting videos, but it can also provide the best entertainment for your tech-savvy loved one.

#5 PlayStation - Buying him a PlayStation will keep him entertained while staying at home. The PlayStation is recognized as one of the best selling game consoles. It could be the perfect gift for men who are into gaming. The latest PlayStation allows you to store a lot of games and data, which is ideal for your gamer partner. It also features the best games in this generation. If your loved one is a gaming fan, consider a PlayStation as your gift.

#6 WiFi Action Camera - If your partner is into photography or videography, he will surely love to have an action camera. This device had been commercially available in 2004. Through the years, manufacturers found a way to innovate this gadget. If he still doesn't have one, this could be the perfect gift for him. Why? Well, there's a lot of reasons and here are some of them:

  • An action cam is capable of recording top-notch quality 4k videos. Most action cameras today have wide sensors that allow you to capture excellent photos. Since they have a WiFi feature, you can easily transfer the files to your smartphone.
  • This device is portable. Your man will love the compact size of an action camera. He can bring it when doing some adventures, like camping and hiking. He can also attach this camera to the headgear or his wrist, allowing him to record some extreme activities like skydiving and surfing.
  • An action cam works as a dashcam. If travelling to tourist destinations is still restricted to your area, then your man can use the action cam as a dash camera. It can also work like a dashcam, which you can use whenever going outside to buy some groceries and other stuff.


There are hundreds of gadgets everywhere. It is indeed a daunting task to look for the right one you can give to your father, husband, brother, or other people dear to you. To pick the best one, consider your loved one's interests and where they are inclined to. Then find a gadget that is relevant to it. For instance, if your partner loves photography, you may consider buying him an action camera or an accessory. Indeed, he will be happy with this cool gadget, which can also help him improve his photography and videography skills.