7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Action Camera

Using an action camera is becoming more popular nowadays. Since it is more compact and more durable compared to a traditional camcorder, many people use it to document extreme adventures. Although an action cam can be used for exploration, there are other features to love about it.


Action Cam: Is It Worth It?

Even though action cams can help individuals record ultimate sports and outdoor trips, is it worth it to buy one? If you are in doubt, then the following reasons may convince you to purchase an action camera:


1. It also functions as a dashcam. Besides shooting extreme videos, an action camera can also be used as a dashcam. Because of its compact size, you can mount it in your car's dashboard and record your travel.

2. It can be used to create more exciting videos. Sometimes, a video becomes more compelling when it is captured from a different perspective. Sometimes, some people attach an action cam to other things, for instance,  they sometimes attach it safely to their pets' collar to see their pet’s point of view.  But if you want to use it on your activities, you can attach the cam to various types of accessories like the following:

  • Handlebar - You can mount it to a handlebar and record the trip you take while biking. 
  • Headgear - If you are performing extreme adventures, you may attach the cam to a headgear. It is an ideal way to record yourself while skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and zip-lining.
  • Windscreen - As mentioned earlier, you can mount the action cam to your car's dashboard to document your journey. It is an excellent opportunity to shoot amazing locations and roads while driving.

3. It can shoot wide-angle videos or photos. Despite its small size, an action camera has large sensors which are capable of recording high-quality videos and pictures. Images taken in most action cams can be immediately transferred to your smartphone through WiFi. To purchase an action camera with this feature, you should ask the vendor from malls and local or online shops.

4. It has several connectivity options. If you are done shooting videos and taking photos, then editing them could be the next step. Most of the time, you have to remove the SD card to transfer the files in third-party software. As mentioned before, many action cams have WiFi features wherein you can transfer the data with less hassle. Another alternative that you may opt for is to use Bluetooth if there is no internet connection.

5. It is very portable. Unlike other types of camera, an action cam is more compact and can be mounted anywhere. It is lightweight and handy, so you can place it in your dashboard to document your travel while driving. You may also attach it to a monopod or tripod and carry it wherever you want.

6. It is durable. Unlike other types of camera, action cams are made of sturdy plastic that can endure harsh elements. Even if you expose them to extreme environments, they can still function well. To make it more long-lasting, you may place it inside a protective case.

7. It is water-resistant. With an action camera, you are not limited to shoot on land since most action cams can be used underwater. From surfing to diving, you can have fun documenting different kinds of water sports and activities. However, you have to take note of your action cam's maximum depth since not all can handle extreme underwater pressure.


Things to Consider When Buying an Action Cam

If you have already decided to get your action camera, then here are some essential points to remember when buying one:


1. Determine the battery type. There are two types of batteries that go with action cams. The first one is the removable battery, and the other is the integrated one. If you choose the latter one, then you have to take note that you may need to plug your cam often to charge it.

2. Know the waterproof depth. Even though action cams are water-resistant, it is vital to be aware of how deep it could take underwater. Some action cams could be submerged up to 6 feet while others can go beyond that. To prevent your camera from malfunctioning, know first if it could handle the water depth before you use it in different water activities.

3. Identify its connectivity. Does your action cam has Bluetooth or WiFi connection? Or does it has both? The type of connectivity is vital when transferring files. You can use this feature when you are travelling and you want to share the images and footage captured by your camera as soon as possible.

4. Look for HD cameras. Action cams can shoot high-quality photos and videos, but it is still essential to look for HD cams. Doing so may ensure that they can be played on TVs, smartphones, Youtube, and other kinds of players. Try to check if the resolution is 1920 x 1080. For Ultra HD, you may ask the vendor if it has the 4k feature. 4k refers to the horizontal display resolution with 4000 pixels. Having a camera with 4k feature can allow you to capture clearer images and footage.


An action camera is an ideal alternative to your usual camcorder. Although it can do a lot of things, there are still several features to consider before buying one. By doing thorough research, you can get the best action camera suited to fit your needs.