7 Social Networking Sites for Photographers

Social networking sites are online platforms where you can create an account and start interacting with users around the world. You can use these sites to communicate with your family and friends whenever and wherever you are. The best thing about social networking sites is you can use them not only for recreation but also to promote or expand your business.

From professionals to entrepreneurs, many people nowadays have accounts on different social media sites, which they use for both social and marketing purposes. As photographers, you can also take advantage of social media to present your creative portfolio online or attract more customers to your photography business.


Where to Publish Your Photographs

Each social media site provides different services. For instance, Facebook can be used to share updates with your family and friends by publishing texts or photos. You can also create a page where you can promote your business online. Another example is Instagram. Its main difference from Facebook is that it is a visual platform that focuses on images. Other than Facebook and Instagram, there are plenty of social media sites that every photography enthusiast can use. It is vital to pick the best social media which can offer the services suitable to your needs.

To help you choose the right one, either for personal or business use, listed below are some of the best social networking sites:

1. Behance - If you still don't have a creative photography portfolio, try to create one on Behance. It is an Adobe-owned platform which enables you to post your best shots. It is believed to function like LinkedIn because many professionals use it. Unlike LinkedIn, Behance focuses more on graphics. On this site, people can view, like, and give comments to your work. Displaying your work on Behance means you are also exposing yourself to potential clients. Creating an online portfolio here is also helpful when you are applying for a job because you can send your account link if anyone asks for your image collection.

2. Flickr - Some social media platforms affect the quality of your images once you upload them. Flickr is one of the ideal sites to store your photographs and keep them in high resolution. It is both an online photo management and sharing application that allows you to make your work available to people. The free version of Flickr enables you to store 1,000 images.

3. Pinterest - Another great platform that photographers can utilize is Pinterest. It is highly recommended for anyone who is running a business. Pinterest is where you upload photos with backlinks that go directly to your website. Many people use this platform to search for concepts. You can take advantage of it by showcasing your best shots. Entice them to go to your website and explore your services. For instance, you can upload retro-themed pre-nuptials that can help those individuals who are looking for props ideas for a vintage-style prenuptial shoot. With Pinterest, you can connect with your potential clients.

4. Steller Stories - Steller Stories is a mobile app that enables you to display your work through photos, videos, and texts. Although this platform is limited since it can only be accessed on your mobile phone, it is still an ideal site where you can find inspiration for your next photoshoots. Steller Stories allows you to display your work by posting an album of images. You can make a narrative with these photographs and start gaining attention. The more interactions you get, the more chances you get featured on the platform.

5. Trover - One of the most recommended networking sites for travel photographers and photography enthusiasts is Trover. It is a platform where you can share the places you've been, helping tourists find the accurate destinations through the posted pictures. You can find many inspirations on Trover since many photographers also use the site. Uploading your photographs on this platform is an excellent opportunity to display your work. 

6. Tumblr - Tumblr is a user-friendly platform where you can publish your blogs. You can also upload stories, GIFs, photographs, and many more. As a photography enthusiast, you can use this social networking site to share quality content that people can reblog. Through reblogging, your work can spread across different pages, which makes it easier for you to reach out to your target market. Another good thing about Tumblr is that it is one of the best sites to create an online portfolio. If you need a platform where you can display your work, then Tumblr could be your best option. 

7. YouPic - If you are searching for a site where you can showcase your photographs in high resolution, then YouPic could be your best option. As a photographer, it is crucial to display your work in the best quality possible. With the use of your high-end DSLR or action camera, you can exhibit your photographed scenes in high definition. What's good in sharing your work with YouPic is it can be seen by many photographers, from amateurs to professionals. It is an excellent way to connect with the best photographers around the world. Unlike other platforms that you can use for free, you need to avail of a plan in YouPic. However, the payment is worth it since you can access tutorials, which can help improve your photography skills. Apart from that, it lets you sell your work or services, allowing you to earn using this site.


Social media has been part of many people's lives. Using them provides a lot of advantages, such as connecting with your friends and colleagues, promoting your business online, and finding potential clients. There are plenty of social networking sites that you can use. It is vital to pick the best platform that can cater to your photography needs.