7 Tips for Indoor Sports Photography and Videography

Indoor sports are competitive physical activities that can be done in stadiums, gyms and centres. You may have seen photos and videos of sports indoors on the internet and wonder how they are captured with high quality, precision, clarity, and creativity. Taking photos and videos of athletes is not as easy as clicking a camera button and focusing it on the subject. Sports photography is about capturing the game of athletes as they play. It is not just about taking your camera to a sporting event, and simply clicking to get a photo. Similarly, sports videography involves the process of capturing the movements and highlights of how an athlete played. Its purpose is to shoot footage of athletes in action that can be used for various purposes such as news broadcasts, sports channel shows, a documentary, and more.


The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Photography 

Before immersing yourself in indoor sports photography and videography, it is crucial how this can differ from taking photos or videos outside. A clear difference these two have is the availability of light. Many photographers prefer to shoot outdoors because of the sun, as it provides a great natural light source. But some photographers like shooting indoors. Unlike the outdoors that give off natural light, the indoors may not have much of that available. With this, artificial lightings are your best friend in indoor photography. These can be Christmas lights, bulbs, lamps, and more. And although the light is only limited indoors, an advantage one can have is that you control the amount of light needed in taking photos.


The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Videography

A significant difference you can notice while taking videos from the outside and the inside is the sound quality. Shooting outdoors provides a wide range of sounds to be absorbed, from the game players to the people watching. Indoor videography in terms of sounds has a lot of benefits as well. Under closed doors or windows, the sound is more focused inside.


Tips for Indoor Sports Photography and Videography

After knowing how shooting indoors is different from the outside, the next step is learning some helpful tips that can result in a great photo video. Producing high-quality photos and videos is no easy feat, especially in sports. Quick movements of athletes can be challenging to shoot and capture. Not being able to anticipate their movements could result in a blurry image or video. Knowing the right settings for your camera and positioning yourself in a better viewpoint for your footage and images are crucial.


 Here are 7 tips for capturing a good photo and video during indoor sports:

#1 Choose an appropriate camera. 

Taking photographs and videos of sports, whether indoor or outdoor, needs a durable camera that can adapt to various environments depending on the sport. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the appropriate camera for indoor sports photography and videography:


  • Waterproof. A camera with waterproof features or cases is beneficial for shooting indoor swimming sports, as you can use this to film or shoot underwater and get a clear view of how these athletes move in the water.  


  • Shockproof. Dropping the camera by accident or getting it hit by other things (volleyball, basketball, etc.) while shooting or recording can occur, especially if you are in close proximity to the playing field. The last thing you want is to have a camera shattered in pieces when this happens. That is why a camera with shockproof features is a great pick, as these are designed to resist possible damage if your camera is knocked or dropped off.


  • Dustproof. A build-up of dust in your camera can affect the quality of your photos. Unwanted particles such as these may be seen on photos and videos, producing more dusty captures than the game's clear shots. A dustproof case is beneficial for your camera.

#2 Get Familiar with the Sport

Knowing what sport you are taking photos and videos of can help get you the best shots. As you become aware of the sports athletes are playing, you can know where and how they will move, making you anticipate their actions as they move in the game. The anticipation of their movements can give you a clear shot of the game. Also, a smoother video can capture the precise movements of athletes in the game. 


#4Position Yourself Correctly

Knowing how to angle yourself in taking a clear shot of indoor sports is crucial. Lighting is only limited inside stadiums, so it is crucial to find a correct angle and position where the light is just right to capture the game

#5 ​Use Burst Mode

Also known as sports mode, a burst mode is capturing photos in quick recession. This mode is crucial in indoor sports photography, especially when the game requires athletes to move quickly. Using burst mode can capture their agile movements without missing anything at all. This gives you a lot of images and many great photos you can choose from.

#6 Use a Loop Recording Feature

Not having enough memory space in your camera while recording can be devastating. Using a loop recording feature allows your camera to continue recording for a significant amount of time without the need to clear other files to give space.

#7 Look for expression

Indoor sports photography and videography is not all about capturing the athletes' movements; it is also about capturing their expressions. Do their expressions depict anger? Aggression? Calmness? Or excitement? By capturing these moments, you can see their connections with other teammates and how the game affects the athletes as they play. 


Taking photos and videos of these athletes can give us a glimpse of their world in sports. The passion and sacrifice these athletes perform in their games can be captured by photographers and videographers. Being able to capture sports is not an easy task, and finding the right angle and the right setting can speak a lot of volumes. 


Producing high-quality photographs and videos can take a lot of time and patience to master. Knowing what type of sport you are capturing and having the right camera to see the event is essential. It is important to understand how to create not only a shot but a story and connection out of your takes. Having thorough research in indoor sports creates an advantage in capturing the excellent photo and video that catches a moment in sports which creates the feeling as if we are there in the game. To see these athletes in action and how they interact during the event.