8 Best Dash Cam Apps for Android Users

Dashboard cameras are essential car accessories that every car owner should consider. These devices do not only help in recording your exciting trips, but they can also be used for safety purposes. Although dashcams are essential, some people are not yet ready to invest in this equipment. If you don't have this device yet, you can transform your smartphone into a dashcam. You can make use of the available dash cam apps temporarily while you are saving some funds to buy a real one.


Dash Cam Apps for Android Smartphones

Accidents might happen anytime, and most of them occur on the road. It is why it is crucial to protect yourself from careless drivers if you get caught in such an incident. The recorded videos from dashboard cameras are credible evidence that you can use during these times. Without the said device, it could be challenging to tell who was at fault in an accident. Quality dash cams might be expensive for some. If you are still preparing a budget to buy one, you can make use of the following dash cam apps:

1. AutoBoy Dash Cam - The key features of the AutoBoy Dash Cam app includes continuous background recording, three-full foreground, and pause and background settings. The app also has an auto-deleting feature that automatically discards your old files while securing the memory. Some of the advanced features that AutoBoy Dash Cam has includes GPS sensor, smart crash sensor, auto start and auto exit, background preview, and LED backlight.

2. Avto Video Registrator AVR - This app has a simple user interface but has all the necessary features for excellent video recording. It has a counter-time record, flashlight, autofocus, and stabilization for video recording. Choosing Avto Video Registrator AVR allows you to take videos at different positions, view the speed of movement, and send the files to your social network.

3. AutoGuard Dash Cam - AutoGuard is one of the Blackbox applications that offers you an enjoyable travel experience. Its background recording has multitasking features, meaning you can use the app while navigating. The app also automatically starts recording videos when connected with Bluetooth devices. AutoGuard can record your speed, GPS, and even your nearest address. If you are fond of uploading your trips online, you can use the AutoGuard app because it can help you record various lengths of videos, acceleration, latitude, longitude, as well as speed. Using this app lets you upload your files on YouTube together with location and time information for the captions.

4. DailyRoads Voyager - For continuous capturing of photos and recording videos, DailyRoads Voyager could be one of your best options for dashcam apps. Although the DailyRoads Voyager can record everything, you still have the opportunity to keep the most critical files. This app is free, but you can avail of the pro version if you want no advertisements. The upgraded version also has camera selection and 1000 video overlay credits on the server. Another best thing about this app is that you can upload the files to Dropbox or Google Drive, saving more storage space.

5. Dash Cam Travel - Dash Cam Travel is a user-friendly app with three recording options. The first one is the foreground recording that allows you to save videos without graphics from the screen. The second one is also foreground recording but has no graphics from the screen. The last one is the background recording, where you can set up the device to sleep mode to save battery. The video has 4K 2160p, FullHD 1080p, HD 720p, and VGA 480p for the resolutions. It also has a timelapse setting and infinity focus.

6. Drive Recorder - Drive Recorder is a car dashcam app that you can download for free. It helps you document what is happening on the road while you are driving. Its features include supporting the background recording, different video resolutions and file size, and navigation based on video location. The app also has auto-recording and can take a video of your driving trajectory. With more than 100,000 installs, a lot of people trust this app when it comes to video recording on the road. To maximize its use, make sure that your OS is 4.0 or higher.

7. Roadly - Some of Roadly's unique features include displaying current speed, GPS data, and date and time. This app has an automatic start/stop when driving or stopping. It also provides speed camera warnings. One of the best things about Roadly is its availability in a variety of languages. The current version of Roadly only supports these signs: danger signs, crossroads limits, crosswalk, no parking, no passing, no waiting, speed limit, and yield. When using this app, make sure that it is connected to your car charger because it utilizes all the functions of a smartphone.


The dashcam apps listed above are helpful tools that you can use while you are driving. Know that using them has its pros and cons, so make sure to pick an ideal app for you. For better video recording though, you will likely need an actual dash camera recorder which you can use for a long time.