8 Fascinating Facts About Photography

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Photography is a very exciting profession. It has many genres, which include, but are not limited to, product, landscape, and wedding photography. Each type requires different photography rules and skills. This exciting profession became a hobby for some individuals. Whether you make photography as a living or as your pastime, it is significant to be knowledgeable in this field. Having an in-depth understanding of it can provide you with valuable insights and skills that you can use in your future endeavours.


Photography Facts You Need to Know 

As a photography enthusiast, it is not surprising if you are aware of what photography is and its importance. You may know several things about it already. Nevertheless, here are some interesting facts about photography that you might not know:

1. First Action Camera - The innovation in cameras is continuously progressing, and it is more evident with the devices available today. Action cams were developed to record extreme adventures and exciting trips. It is more challenging to document sports and other thrilling activities using the standard camera; that's why an action camera came into the scene. In the early times, some people have attached a camera to their helmets while performing some extreme adventures. Although it has a concept similar to action cameras, the first waterproof device was created by Nicholas Woodman, who was the founder of GoPro.

2. First Digital Camera - The first digital camera weighed around eight pounds and has 0.01mp. It was created and first introduced by Steven Sasson while working at Eastman Kodak in 1975. The prototype was made from the parts of Kodak's Super 8 movie cameras. Not only that, but it also includes about half a dozen of custom circuit boards as well as CCD sensor that shot black and white. The first digital camera held 30 images, which was intentionally chosen by Steven.

3. Most Expensive Photograph - The most expensive photograph is entitled, "Phantom," which costs $6.5 million. The picture depicts a slot canyon that is carved out by flowing water. It was in black-and-white, which created a ghostlike feel. The photo was made in the Southwestern region of the United States by the Australian photographer Peter Lik. According to the photographer himself, the purpose of his pictures was to imprint the force of nature.

4. Most Liked Image on Instagram - Instagram is a social media platform where you can post images. It is used by several businesses to promote their products and services. When it comes to the most liked photo on this site, it was an image of an egg on a white background. The photograph was taken by Shutterstock contributor, Serghei Platanov, in 2015. The image was posted by Chris Godfrey, who was an advertising specialist. The goal of why he posted the picture on Instagram was to garner the highest number of likes.

5. Pinhole Camera - There are DSLRs and action cameras that you can purchase in local and online stores. Other than these devices, there is something called a pinhole camera. It is also known as camera obscura, which means a dark chamber. It is characterized as a simple imaging device which is in the shape of a chamber or closed box. One of its sides has a small hole. Through direct propagation of light, an image of the outside space is created. The pinhole camera is believed to be the first device to project an image. It was first recorded around 470 to 391 BCE by a Chinese philosopher named Mozi. 

6. The First-Ever "Selfie" - The term selfie has become a common term these days. It is a photograph that you capture of yourself using a smartphone or webcam. When it comes to photographic self-portrait, the first picture was a photo of Robert Cornelius in 1839. He was both a photography enthusiast and an amateur chemist in Philadelphia. Cornelius set up his camera at the back of his family store. He then removed the lens cap and ran into the frame. Cornelius sat in front of the camera for a minute and then covered the lens again. What he wrote at the back of the photograph was, "The first light Picture ever taken — 1839."

7. World's Largest Camera Collection - As a photography enthusiast, it would not be surprising if you have a collection of cameras at home. When it comes to the most extensive camera collection in the world, Dilish Parekh has this recognition. He is a jeweller and serves as a government employee in Mumbai. He has collected over 4,425 cameras for 40 years. Parekh inherited his first 600 cameras from his grandfather. His collection includes a wrist-like watch and Canon 7 with a rare f/0.95 lens.

8. World's Largest Digital Camera - Cameras come in a variety of sizes. For the world's largest digital camera, the device measures 5.1-foot wide optic, which is considered as the largest high-performance optical lens ever made. It is a 3.2-gigapixel camera that was built for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. The camera has the largest CCD image sensor mosaic in the world.


There are numerous exciting facts about photography besides the ones listed above. Try to constantly gain more knowledge in this field because it can be used in your future works. Take advantage of the valuable insights that you have acquired as you improve your photography skills.