8 Manitoba Road Trip Destinations You Need to Take

Manitoba is a Canadian province that lies between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It is one of the prairie provinces that is bordered to the north by Nunavut territory. On the other hand, the U.S. states of North Dakota and Minnesota bound Manitoba to the south. Meanwhile, Ontario borders it to the east and Saskatchewan to the west. This province has vast forested areas which are ideal for backcountry adventures. It takes pride in many natural scenes that will surely astound you. You can explore these fantastic places by engaging in exciting activities like camping and hiking. Another way to discover picture-perfect sites is to invite your loved ones and take a road trip with you.


Ideal Road Trip Destinations in Manitoba

If you like adventures, then you will surely want to explore the beautiful province of Manitoba. Aside from being tagged as "the polar bear capital of the world", Manitoba is admired for its top-rated attractions, unique festivals, welcoming locals, and world-class museums. If you have spare time, then try to venture in Manitoba to get these beautiful experiences. Even though you have limited time, you can still enjoy your trip to this province. To save time in finding a perfect road trip destination, listed below are some of the best locations to start your journey with:

Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre - If you head to Highway 3 and drive for almost two hours, you will find yourself at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre. It is a place that keeps the most extensive collection of marine reptile fossils in Canada. If you are fond of dinosaurs, then you will probably love this road trip destination. The centre is responsible for keeping the 80-million-year-old specimen of the largest mosasaur named Bruce. Heading to Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre will not only give you a chance to unwind, but it is also an excellent opportunity to educate yourself about dinosaurs. You can also have a family trip to this place where dino-loving kids will enjoy.

Grand Beach Provincial Park - For beach lovers, you can take a road trip to Grand Beach Provincial Park. Grand Beach ranks sixth when it comes to the largest lakes in Canada. It is admired for its powdery white sand with grass-topped dunes. You can also find a lagoon in the area where a lot of bird species dwell. This provincial park is ideal for swimming and surfing. Besides, there are also hiking trails that you can explore.

Grindstone Provincial Park - For more beautiful scenes, you can drive to Grindstone Provincial Park. It is also known as Hecla, which was named after Mount Hekla, an Icelandic volcano. It is where you can find rugged shorelines and dense forests where many animals dwell. For photo opportunities, you may head to the iconic Lighthouse Trail and Hecla Village. The village is a restored region, keeping the history of the Icelandic settlement of the place. There are also golf areas where you can have fun with your family. For relaxation, you may visit the spa salons available in the vicinity of the village.

Narcisse Snake Dens - If you are not afraid of snakes, then you can have a unique and thrilling road trip experience in Narcisse Snake Dens. During springtime, thousands of red-sided garter snakes come out of their winter dens to begin their mating ritual. To visit the caves, you may drive about two hours north of Winnipeg off Highway 17. Don't be afraid of these reptiles because they are harmless to humans, meaning you can have a personal encounter with them. For the best viewing, consider venturing on a sunny day and try to arrive around noon.

Riding Mountain National Park - This national park is a various preserve that provides fascinating trails and beaches. You have the chance to see bison, black bear, elk, deer, and wolves. If you want to explore the overview of the park's geology, then drive to Highway 10 around the lake. Prepare your camera because you can also find picturesque scenes that are ideal for landscape photography.

Spruce Woods Provincial Park - Another great location that you may consider is the Spirit Sands located in Spruce Woods Provincial Park. This place offers a four-square-kilometre area of dunes, which are caused by the residue from the ancient river delta. This road trip destination offers a picturesque scene of sandhills with desert-dwelling flora and fauna. To document your adventures, you can use an action cam and mount it to your headgear. Go hiking and delight yourself with the landscape's incredible scenes.

Turtle Mountain Provincial Park - This provincial park is home to more than 200 small lakes and several beaches where you can enjoy lots of water activities. There are also biking trails if you want to roam around the areas. For wildlife viewing, you will have the chance to see loons, moose, and white-tailed deers. Try to bring a camera on hand while exploring the park to get a photo opportunity with these animals.

Whiteshell Provincial Park - Drive west on the Trans-Canada Highway to reach Whiteshell Provincial Park. This place is ideal for performing engaging activities like biking, hiking, and wildlife viewing. Taking a road trip to Whiteshell Provincial Park allows you to witness the beauty of the stunning lakes and waterfalls in the area. Try to record your adventure using a dashcam to relive this amazing journey. You can also have a stopover and grab some photo opportunities in the vicinity. If you go hiking, there are self-guided trails for every level. So either you are a beginner or an expert, there is an exciting hike that awaits you.


Exploring Manitoba will leave you in awe because of its breathtaking scenes. Choosing the province for your road trips will not disappoint you because it is home to a lot of majestic peaks and fantastic waterfronts. These places are not only excellent for extreme adventures because they are also ideal for road tripping. Prepare your dashcam and have an enjoyable road experience in this Canadian province.