A Glimpse on the Evolution of Action Cameras

The action camera is an excellent device for recording extreme adventures. It can be attached to several accessories such as your helmet, allowing you to document your mountain biking trips. You can also use an action cam to make a recording of your favourite sports. Although many people admire this fantastic device, only a few are aware of its history. It is important to have some knowledge about the invention of action cameras as knowing its history can enhance your expertise in using this valuable device.


Getting Started with Action Cameras

It is hard to determine who invented the first action camera and when or where it was used but it is known that the first attempt for this innovation happened in the 1960s. Many years have passed, but the modification to action cameras is still ongoing. Nowadays, action cameras have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, comprehensive view, water resistance, and other fascinating features that cannot be seen in traditional cameras.

The first commercially available action camera was introduced in 2004 by Woodman Labs. It is now popularly known as GoPro. Although the experts from Woodman Labs were not the ones who created the first action camera, they gave a lot of contributions in developing the said device. The popularity of the action camera rapidly increased because of its excellent use. Nowadays, many people are considering it for personal and commercial purposes.


The People Behind Action Cameras

As mentioned earlier, it is not distinguished who invented the action camera. However, several people provided significant developments that led to the most innovative action camera today. 

1. Bob Sinclair - In the 1960s, a well-known skydiver named Bob Sinclair mounted a camera to a fibreglass helmet that was used in skydiving. He did this to improve the stability of the videos he was recording for Ripcord -a show that aired for two seasons with a total of 76 episodes-.The attempt to put the camera on a helmet was a brilliant idea. It does not only helped him in improving the quality of his videos, but it also created a thrilling story for the viewers.

2. Jackie Stewart - Jackie Stewart was a famous F1 driver who tried to wear a still camera on his head. He also attached it to his helmet in an attempt to document his racing. He didn't use this innovation in an actual race, but he was one of the first few people who experimented on the said device.

3. Steve Mcqueen - Steve McQueen was a great actor who wore a robust camera while filming his motorcycling journey. The camera was duct-taped on his helmet to achieve stability while doing the stunt

4. Mark Schulze - Many people believe that Mark Schulze was one of the inventors of the action camera. Like others who mounted a camera on their helmet, Mark did the same thing. He attached a VHS camera on his helmet where a VCR was connected to an RCA cable. Although it was a massive set-up, it didn't stop him from recording the best mountain bike videos.

5. Nicholas Woodman - After a few decades of innovation, the prototype of an action camera was created in 2004. It was Woodman who came up with the idea of inventing this camera type. It started way back in 2002 when he was travelling to Australia and Indonesia. Woodman attempted to wrap a 35mm camera around his hand using a rubber band. He did this to capture still images while surfing. Woodman has seen the struggle of documenting the stunt, so that is why he created a camera that can be attached to the surfer's body. He found a company that could help him modify the camera the way he wanted it to be. 


The First GoPro

Have you ever wondered how the first GoPro action camera looked like? It is different from what it is sold in the market today. The first GoPro action camera was called GoPro Hero 35mm. It was an analog camera that came with a 35mm Kodak film. Its features included having a waterproof case, a wrist strap inside the box, and the capability to record a video. 

The GoPro Hero weighed 200 grams and could take photos up to 15 feet underwater. Besides water resistance, one of its highlights was the secure wrist mount which was designed for extreme sports and adventures. The GoPro Hero could only take 24 pictures using a W/24 exposure film. You had to unbuckle the two clips from the case for you to replace the film. 


Action Cameras Through The Years

As the popularity of action cameras continues to grow, Nicholas and his employees exerted great efforts to market the amazing device. They started selling it across the United States and made compelling campaigns to attract a lot of consumers. As time passed by, the action camera went digital. Nicholas' company launched GoPro Hero Digital which could record VGA videos in a 10-second sequence. More products were released after various improvements. 

Moreover, Nicholas and his team were able to find solutions regarding modern mounting methods, including ski poles and chest mounts. Through worldwide distribution, Nicholas was able to help a lot of people who like to document their stunts. He has also created a large community, from his employees to the action camera's users. 

From surfing to skydiving, you can record how great your adventure is by simply using a device called "action camera". The idea of mounting it to accessories like your helmet enables you to record quality footage. It can be used wherever you are, even underwater. Having this excellent device wouldn't be possible without the innovative minds of the people mentioned earlier. Knowing the history of action cameras can make people who love explorations and adventures appreciate the device even more as it was built for those who love to keep those exciting experiences forever in their memories.