Action Camera Tips for Sports Vlogger

The first thing you need to do when filming a vlog is to decide what your video is about. What kind of channel are you going to put up? What are the topics to be discussed? There are tons of content on the internet right now—everything, whether living or nonliving, can be a subject for discussion. A teenage girl can show you how to put on makeup. A mom can show you her daily life with her kids. A three-year-old can give you a review of a toy. It may sound plain and simple, but these videos garner thousands of views. 


Once you find the right content, everything follows. That is why it is essential to look for something that interests you. If you have an active lifestyle, maybe documenting sports and recreation can be your edge - from cheering for your favourite team, attending sports events to trying out games and activities. For this particular content, having an action camera will be extra handy, or if you are already pursuing it, you might want to level up your videos. Several tips are listed below to guide you in using this camera on a sports vlog.


Choose the right camera.


Despite having the same purpose, not all action cameras are the same. Some have features that are not available to other models. With this, you need to identify what you need. Do you need a wireless connection to transfer files? Do you need it to be waterproof? Or do you need one that does not break easily? These things will help you narrow down your choices and find the best camera for your vlog.


Always clean your lens.


Given the extreme conditions you may encounter on your trail, it is good to check your camera once in a while. Dirt may accumulate on the lens, which may block your recording. Cleaning it from time to time can give you a much clearer view of the scene. You need to do this before, during and after recording to assure that you have useful clips. Moreover, keeping it dirt-free can widen its lifespan.


Secure your camera.


As you are busy doing all sorts of activity, make sure that your camera is safely mounted. This is not only to protect the camera from being damaged but also to avoid injuries. Someone might get hurt when they get hit by a falling camera. Or you may get scratched when you don't strap it properly. Also, ask for consent from the facilitators if it will be safe to have your action camera with you or put it without posing any danger to anybody.


Set up multiple cameras.


Many things can happen in one lap, one round or a half-time. Anything that has happened cannot be replayed unless you have it on cam. You need to be attentive, or else something may pass you without knowing. Recording everything with one cam is not the standard for sports coverage. Have you ever watched a basketball game with only one cameraman? The same thing goes with vlogging. However, it is not something to be broadcasted so you can experiment with your shots. Aside from the usual wide shots and close-ups, you can place the camera on top of the basketball rings to capture the ball getting in the basket. 


Capture reactions.


When doing your camera set up, have one that will focus on the face. Most people watch videos to look at the reaction. Alongside the thrill of the activity, they want to see the excitement, nervousness or fear on your face. It adds emotions to your vlog. Imagine watching a clip of someone while doing mountain climbing without any facial reaction. You only see a man slowly progressing, and it can be a little boring. Screaming and cursing can be too much for the ears, but it contributes to the intensity.


Attach on sports equipment.


Another way to keep your clips interesting is by attaching the camera to sports equipment. Usually, they are mounted on gears like helmets or wrist straps, but you can have it on the equipment. For biking, you can place it on different parts of your bike without restraining your body's movement and the bicycle. Skateboards can also give you great angles. 


Consider water sports.


Take advantage of its waterproof feature by engaging in water sports. But before that, ensure that your camera can survive. There are limitations on how deep it can go underwater. Also, you need to mount it properly, or else you will lose your clips together with your camera when it gets dropped in the water. Some ideas on where to put it may include surfboards and paddles for rafting.


Monitor through your phone.


There are times when you want to check if you have the right framing, but it's hard to view it in the available display. It can be because of the small screen, or the location is hard to reach. For example, when it is placed on higher surfaces. There are mobile apps available for download that enable you to mirror your display on your phone. With this app, you will oversee it on a bigger screen and in a different area.


Sports vlogging is not different from other types of vlogs. It is a medium used to tell the experiences of the uploader. Sports and recreation can keep someone away from stress and bring a much healthier way of living. Therefore, showing it to people will benefit not only you but also those looking for something to divert their attention. As you gather your materials for your next vlog, consider your camera as your friend and not forget to have fun.