Back in Action: Ultimate Activities to Experience in Prince Edward Island

If you are looking for a new adventure that you can do while on vacation, then Prince Edward Island (PEI) has an amazing place to offer. This Canadian region is often called the Island, which is one of the maritime provinces in the country. PEI is undeniably a breathtaking destination for those who want a refreshing island experience. From exciting trails to stunning beaches, there is a thrilling recreation that awaits you in the province. For unique experiences that you can treasure for a lifetime, dare to explore Prince Edward Island.


What to Do in Prince Edward Island

Like any other Canadian province, Prince Edward Island is rich in panoramic scenes. Here, you might be overwhelmed with lots of astounding landscapes that anyone would love to behold. What makes Prince Edward Island different from other provinces is its great location, giving you authentic island experiences. Even National Geographic featured PEI highlighting one of the province's national parks. If you also want to know how it feels to wander on the island, start planning your adventure and list down all the activities you want to try. For more recreation ideas, you may consider the following tips on how to enjoy your staycation in Prince Edward Island:

1. Engage in water activities. Since Prince Edward Island offers a list of water activities, there are various exciting activities that you can do. Wear protective clothing and prepare for the best water adventure. If you want to try paddling while exploring the mighty seas, then go for kayak tours. Kayaking is one of the recommended recreations for those who have never tried paddling before. It allows you to enjoy PEI's beaches because you will be able to see the Island's astonishing seascapes. Besides kayaking, you may also try windsurfing and parasailing. 

2. Enjoy the Island's farming culture. Unplug from the busy cities by venturing in PEI's rural communities. Learn how to grow your own vegetables and fruits and know how to prepare healthy meals for the family. You may also visit a country market where you can avail of fresh veggies that you can bring home. Taste the Island's jams and jellies and learn how to make them. Another way to have a fun farm experience is to visit a vineyard and learn how wine is made.

3. Explore beautiful rolling sceneries through walking or cycling. PEI is home to many provincial and national parks with fascinating trails. These routes are excellent for walking and cycling in the summertime. On winter days, some trails can be used for snowmobiling. So whatever the season is, you will be able to behold PEI's picturesque scenes by heading to any of its parks. Some of the province's provincial parks include Basin Head, Bloomfield, Cabot, and Chelton Beach. Another well-known provincial park is the Confederation Trail, where you can find peaceful villages and broad seascapes. If you have brought a bicycle on your trip, then you may consider the Confederation Trail for your cycling trip. To record the impressive scenery on the island, you may attach an action cam to the handlebar.

4. Go camping and stargazing at night. Whether you are using a hammock or a tent, PEI is a beautiful destination for camping trips. You may find a campground in the Island's provincial parks. Camping allows you to have a memorable adventure while discovering breathtaking locations. It helps you to unwind and relax while enjoying the time of your life. Camping at night is a perfect opportunity to admire the night sky. Go stargazing while cherishing the beautiful moment with your loved ones.

5. Have a photoshoot in iconic lighthouses. A lighthouse is an excellent subject when capturing impressive seascapes. If you are venturing in the province, don't miss the chance of getting souvenirs in its iconic lighthouses. Think of creative poses and ask someone to photograph you featuring some of PEI's towering structures. Choose among West Point, Victoria Range Light, Wood Islands, Cape Bear, Point Prim, Panmure Head, East Point, and Souris lighthouses. You may also wait for the sunset or the magical blue hour to add a dramatic scene in the pictures.

6. Hike in the Island's fascinating trails. As mentioned earlier, there are many parks in PEI where you can go cycling. If you want more terrain adventures, you can also try hiking in the Island's impressive trails. Make sure to bring a camera on hand to photograph beautiful scenes along the way. You will surely be in awe once you witness the province's authentic beauty. Hiking in upper terrains can provide you with a bird's eye view of spectacular seascapes. Don't miss the chance of seeing PEI's grace in the golden hour. The combination of PEI's beauty and colourful skies is truly a perfect sight to treasure.

7. Take part in a deep-sea fishing excursion. Head to PEI's fishing ports and look for someone who can guide you in deep-sea fishing. You will surely love the experience of catching a fish which you can cook after. Dare to get a mackerel or giant bluefin tuna. Gather your family and friends and delight yourself with delicious seafood cuisine made of fresh ingredients.

8. Visit clubs for nighttime entertainment. Although PEI is known for providing island experiences, this province is also admired for having an exciting nighttime entertainment. So if you are missing the city life and night parties, try to experience the nightlife on the Island. Consider watching a theatre, dancing to loud music, and indulging in PEI's delicious meals.


There are times when you need to take a break from the stress that you encounter every day. Sometimes, all you need is to travel and unplug for a few moments. Doing so gives you the chance to find peace within yourself. When it comes to the picture-perfect Canadian location, consider Prince Edward Island. Don't miss the opportunity of having an unforgettable island experience with the people you love.