Best Photography Subjects to Try for Beginners

If you love taking pictures and would love to start your career in photography, then finding the best subjects to practice on is very important. You do not need to take far and expensive travels to find beautiful scenery.

As a beginner, you can apply your passion and creativity in taking pictures of what you can find in your home and nearby places. All of those subjects can be turned into amazing photographs!


Top Photography Subjects for Beginners

As mentioned before, there are interesting subjects that beginner photographers can try as they practice and enhance their photography skills. Here are some of them:

#1 Nature. Nature is one of the common photographer’s favourite subjects when it comes to taking pictures. Although there is actually a career of nature photography for professional photographers, beginners can choose their subject from the bountiful beauty of Nature. You can find inspiration from a green bush, colourful flowers, vast meadows or in the sunrise and sunset.

#2 Spring and Summer. Spring and summer seasons are both great times to find photographic subjects. Insects and colourful weeds can highlight summertime, and they can look great in the camera.

#3 Still Life. A still life is also one of the favourite subjects of photographers. It’s a collection of items, which commonly are against a plain backdrop. Take, for instance, a set of books, a basket of fruits, and other things you may find at home or in your surroundings. When capturing still life, you should experiment with different lighting. You can use the shadows to create amazing results.

#4 Selfies. Selfies and self-portraits can be also another interesting subject for a beginner. Selfies are most common nowadays and are referred to as photography subjects of modern life. 

Do not underestimate the power of the skill of portraying yourself. It’s another part of uncovering the hidden side of your creative self. Take time to examine your selfies. Although taking a selfie seems to be a basic style of taking pictures, this can help unleash various artistic options that you can use.

#5 Crowds. People are wonderful photography subjects. We, humans, keep on moving. And even we are on a halt, there is still something captivating about that stillness. There is always a story that camera lenses can capture. There is a boundless source of ideas in any crowd of people. 

#6 Animals. Who wouldn’t love taking pictures of cute and funny animals? They are also an interesting source of photography ideas. Your shots can be funny, candid, or challenging. When you are taking pictures of animals, try to capture their eyes and their emotions. The eyes are the focal points for both humans and animals. It is important to remember to take pictures of animals that don’t possess any danger to your safety and well-being. 

#7 Cobwebs. There is something interesting and mysterious about cobwebs. Make sure to capture the moisture in the air, especially during mornings and evenings. Let Nature take the process of adding effects such as mists and colour effects on the cobwebs. You also need to consider lighting as a factor to create stunning photography.

#8 Moving Vehicles. Vehicles provide a wide range of reflections, colour palette, textures, and lines that photographers love. Capture the velocity of the moving vehicles. Take it as the main point of interest. You can have a blurred composition of the moving vehicles, and it’s all fine since you’re capturing the speed and velocity of the vehicles. You experiment with shutter speeds to capture moving objects more effectively.

#9 Sunrise and Sunset. Taking a photo during sunset or sunrise is perfect for photography, especially for beginners. The lighting is great and can provide amazing landscape pictures. 

Both sunrise and sunset are a wonderful focus of your camera lens. Take photos during this time and show how wonderful the sky is. A sunrise over a vast meadow or rich vegetation can be a perfect subject of your camera. 

The background can be effectively formed by choosing an aperture which offers out of focus light sources. With the perfect lighting and nature as your subject, you can dramatically turn simple subjects into stunning photographs by creatively constructing the image.

Photography Tips for Beginners

Below are some helpful tips for beginners on how to make amazing photographs:

1. Choose the best camera for you and get familiar with its settings. Pick the best DSLR for you. You don’t need to start with the most complex and expensive camera, but rather pick the one that you think you can benefit from the most. Look in the market and consider each camera’s features and its prices. Later, compare which one will fit you and your needs best.

2. Bring your camera with you all the time. Opportunities when it comes to taking pictures can come unexpectedly. Sometimes, you go for a visit to your hometown and then you find out that there are interesting subjects there. It will be unfortunate to know that you didn’t have your camera with you to capture those things and memories. You can also use the camera of your mobile phones, by the way. But of course, not all phone cameras have all the settings of a regular and high definition DSLR.

3. Enjoy while you are learning by taking photos. As a beginner, you must be open to new learnings when it comes to photography. There are a lot of things and ideas to be learned as time goes by. The more you practice, the more valuable insights you will get. What’s important in that journey is that you’re enjoying it and you appreciate all the knowledge that you keep.

4. Utilize the power of free resources to learn. There are various online platforms and free website sources offering tutorials and information on how to take great photos. Take advantage of them so you can widen your knowledge and apply them in your next projects.

5. Take photos regularly and examine your shots. Try to take photos of any subject every day. This is an effective way to practice your photography skills. Then, make sure to check and evaluate the photos. You can also ask your friends what they think about your shots. The more insights you’ll get, the more areas of improvement you can focus on.

6. Do not limit yourself on improving yourself. Do not be afraid of making experiments when you are enhancing your photography skills. Experiment with your shots because you may end up with something amazing.


As a beginner in the field of photography, you should unleash your passion and creativity to be able to become better as you continue taking pictures. Choose various subjects and continue enjoying it while learning more about it.