Creative Ideas to Improve Your Travel Photography Skills

While the rest of the world is having a hard time dealing with today's pandemic, you can use it to improve your travel photography skills. Travelling has become limited due to new normal protocols. The ongoing pandemic makes most people cancel their trips for safety and health protection. However, that doesn't need to halt you from planning to make new adventures. Travelling has been a way for some people to escape the stressful environment brought by their workplace. As you plan for your next trip, here are some ideas to try for the new look of your travel photos.


#1 Capture the journey.

While you are on your way to your travel destination, make sure that you have your camera ready. Beautiful things are not always at the end of the journey. The journey itself is gorgeous. You may run into places that some travellers failed to recognize. A beautiful road covered in trees, an exceptional view of the city while climbing up a mountain, or a group of animals crossing the street. These things can be documented with the help of a dashcam installed in your car. It will record everything you come across while heading to your destination.


#2 Change your point of view.

A lot of travellers take their photos on the same spot. As a result, they come up with the same images over and over again. Changing your perspective will make a big difference in your photos. For example, when photographing natural landmarks, instead of taking pictures of the landmark alone, you might want to tilt or pan your camera a little bit where the camera lens gets hold of the number of people witnessing the majestic view. 

You can also play with reflections to capture your subject alternatively. It can be a reflection on a wine glass or a body of water. Besides, you can use an action camera to get those angles that you want. Sometimes you get a little risky when taking photos, and you can't do it with a regular camera. Action cameras will be of great help when it comes to this since they are small and can be mounted anywhere you want.


#3 Get some action.

Still, photos can get a little boring sometimes. That's why taking pictures in action can step up your game. Rather than calling the locals' attention to look at your camera and smile, let them do their everyday lives and capture it in the most realistic way possible. It will make you not only a good photographer but also a good storyteller. Movements can give life to your photos.


#4 Have a closer look.

Travel photos are commonly shot at a wide-angle. It enables you to seize everything that is in front of the camera. For some people, travel photography is all about the scenery. They forget about the small details that constitute a beautiful view. For example, instead of taking a picture of a temple, you might want to give your attention to the details engraved on the temple walls. Another example is focusing on the people lighting up the sky lantern rather than the sea of sky lanterns. Let the other photographers take those photos that are obvious.


#5 Pick either too early or too late.

As cliche as it may sound, take advantage of the golden hour. Just by looking at the word golden, you know you will be able to capture stunning photos during those times. Sunrise and sunset don't look the same when it is taken in different places. As you travel, you will encounter places that best serve the sun when it wakes up and when it falls to sleep. Also, this particular time can give you the best silhouettes. It is not too bright nor too dark.  It gives you the best lighting to capture the outline of your subject. Another bonus is when the colour of the sky changes.


#6 Shoot at night.

Night photography is something to try when you are on your trip. The same place at a different time of the day will always be different. A quiet street on the day can come alive when it is nighttime. Also, using long exposure at night can get you more enjoyable photos because of the amount of light present. You have to practice more often because using this technique is not as easy as it is. Having the right camera setting is the key to make those lights create magic in your photos.


#7 Start with something basic.


To produce outstanding photos, you need to use the basics along with your other ideas. Knowing how to use the rule of thirds can get you even composition. It will help you identify how much of the sky and earth will get into your photos. Also, it will assist you in framing your subject. The center is not the only way to frame your subject. Another thing that you should know is your camera. Once you get to know your camera, it will be easy for you to change the settings according to the situation. There are a lot more things that it can offer you other than the automatic mode.


Most travellers desire to make the most of their time when they are on a trip. They squeeze in their schedules to go to a lot of places. However, this will not guarantee your satisfaction when it comes to your travel photos. The small amount of time limits you to the number of images you could get from a location. Take your time when travelling. Have a good look at everything around you. If something interests you, get your camera and take a snap. It would be nice to look at those photos when you get back home. On the other hand, it is okay to leave your camera behind for a short time and learn new things. Travelling is about the experience as well.