Dash Cam for Travel Photography

Many people love to take road trips with their loved ones. It is because this activity can be a great pastime. Besides, travelling down the roads can offer you astounding scenes. For sure, any photography enthusiasts would love to take pictures of Canada's breathtaking landscapes. Besides your smartphone, there are other camera devices that you can use to capture scenic locations. You may utilize a dashcam to photograph scenes that interest you the most. You can follow several tips to achieve the best shots when using a dash cam for travel photography.


Picking the Ideal Dash Cam for Travel Photography

If you don't own a dashcam yet and you are planning to buy one, it is essential to purchase a high-quality dashcam. There are specific characteristics that you should look for when purchasing this device. In this way, you can ensure that you can take the best driving footage and photograph excellent shots from your travel. Here are some things to consider when buying a dashcam:


#1 Dashcams come in a variety of sizes and features. Usually, the price depends on the uniqueness of the features added on the device. For photography purposes, look for a dashcam with GPS tracking. Also, consider a device that displays the date and time in taking videos and photographs. In this way, it would be easier to track the time when you shoot the footage or images. 


#2 Consider storage capacity. If you plan to use SD cards with high capacity, make sure that the dashcam is compatible with the card. Know that not all dash cams can support 64GB or 128GB.


#3 Familiarize yourself with the recording settings. If you are not only using the dashcam for travel photography, then it is essential to familiarize yourself with the features and recording settings. Learn how to use them so that it would be easier to utilize it when you are travelling.


Must-Know Dash Cam Settings


Cameras come in different features. When it comes to dashcams, there are specific things that you should know, especially in terms of camera settings. It is significant to familiarize yourself with these settings to maximize the use of your dashcam. Here are the dashcam settings that you need to know which you can use for travel photography:


#1 Dashcams have different resolutions. 


The highest resolution you can get from this device is 4K. Compared to HD cams, 4K dash cams allow you to take high-quality videos and photos. Before travelling, change the settings of your dashcam and use the 4K resolution. Doing so guarantees excellent shots.


#2 Use the wide dynamic range (WDR) setting. 


Not all dash cams have WDRs, but if your device has this feature, consider using it. WDR uses a wide dynamic technology, allowing you to shoot more details. You can achieve more explicit photos and videos since WDR can have greater exposure in a high contrast environment.


#3 Manipulate the exposure setting in the dashcam. 


Check the exposure setting in your dash and see what is best for the scenes. Take note that the exposure compensation is an exposure control mode. Usually, the exposure range is about 2~3EV, if the ambient light is dark. You can increase it to +1EV or +2E so that the clarity of the picture will be compensated. 


Resolving Dash Cam Common Issues


There can be circumstances when a problem occurred with your device, and a dashcam is no exception. You may find some issues in using this device while travelling. That's why you must learn how to resolve even some of the dashcam common issues.


#1 The camera is not turning on.


If the dashcam is not turning on, check if the adapter is fully pushed in on both ends. Determine if the cam has loose connections or if the cables have fallen out. If so, change the faulty power adapter and install the camera properly.


#2 The settings are changed to default. 


There could be instances when the time, date, and other settings in your camera are lost or reset to default. It usually happens when your camera runs out of energy. It is because the dashcam uses energy from its lithium-ion battery or small RTC-battery. That's why it is essential to ensure that the batteries have enough power. If you are using batteries, make sure to bring extra ones in your travel.


#3 The files are corrupted.


If the dashcam is not adequately charged, it can corrupt the files. It is because the device uses the energy to save the last file and turn the dashcam off. When your dashcam has no enough power, it instantly turns off, corrupting the data. To avoid this issue in your trip, try recharging the battery for an extended period. Know that even healthy batteries can lose their charge if not used for weeks. So before utilizing them again, make sure that you charge them.


#4 The WiFi app doesn't connect to the dashcam.


One of the best features that most dash cams have is WiFi connectivity. You can create a WiFi network when you connect your dashcam to your smartphone. However, in modern iOS and Android versions, your camera may stop using it, especially if it does not detect the internet. To fix the issue, try shutting down the data or turn your smartphone in airplane mode. After that, turn on the WiFi to connect the app.


A dashcam is indeed small and lightweight. That's why you can easily install it in your car to document your driving. This device helps people to collect significant films that they can use if an unfortunate happens. Aside from providing you with strong evidence, dash cams can also be used for travel photography. With the right camera settings, you can take advantage of this small device by producing the best shots.