East Coast Canada Road Trip

Canada has always been one of the top country destinations of both first time visitors and frequent travellers. This country consists of several provinces and territories that offer many ideal locations for family trips and exciting adventures. Whether you want to follow your wanderlust or try thrilling activities, the Great White North has a beautiful site to offer.

However, it could be overwhelming for some individuals, especially first-time travellers, to choose a perfect place for their trip. When in doubt, you can select first what region to explore. In this way, you can narrow down your choices and pick the best place for your adventure. If you like to unwind, then consider having an East Coast Canada road trip.


Must-Visit Cities in East Coast Canada

If you have decided to venture to East Coast Canada, then it is essential to know the places in this region. Whether you want to have a short trip or get a few days of vacation on the East Coast, there are lots of breathtaking places and stimulating activities that await you. Here are some of the charming cities on the East Coast that are worth visiting for:

1. Cavendish, Prince Edward Island - For ideal summer destinations, you can set up your dashcam and take an excellent road trip in Cavendish. This city is situated in Prince Edward Island, one of the great Canadian provinces that offer authentic island experiences. Cavendish is famous for being the hometown of Anne of Green Gables, a best-selling novel written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The city is used as one of the settings in the literary piece. Just like how the city is described in the town, you can expect picturesque landscapes where you and your family can splurge for a vacation. From savouring the panoramic views of the stunning beaches to camping on significant sites, you have a number of ways to relax at Cavendish. Take a visit to Cavendish Boardwalk where you can dine in accommodating restaurants and shop for some souvenirs.

2. Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island - Another striking city located in Prince Edward Island is Charlottetown. Even though it may be smaller compared to other Canadian cities, there are many things that Charlottetown takes pride in. For a romantic getaway, you can explore the city's streetscapes. On the other hand, you may wander along a boardwalk and witness picture-perfect beach scenes. Every traveller will surely love venturing in Charlottetown not only because of the incomparable landscapes and cityscapes but also the hospitality of the locals here. Besides, Charlottetown also offers unique culinary experiences and amazing scenes to visitors.

3. Fundy Isles, New Brunswick - For beach lovers and enthusiasts, you will certainly like to visit the Fundy Isles, which is located in New Brunswick. Pack your camping gear and take a road trip to this top-rated destination where you can go island hopping. Fundy Isles is a collection of islands situated at the Bay of Fundy. These islands are part of New Brunswick, which are also connected to the mainland. Using the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial Bridge at Lubec Maine can bring explorers to Campobello Island. It is in this region where you can have spectacular whale watching experiences. Aside from taking a road trip, you may also try other adventures such as boating, cycling, diving, and kayaking.

4. Gaspe, Quebec - The unparalleled beauty of Gaspe can make any wanderer and adventure seeker revisit the place. With 11, 714 square miles, the city is divided into five natural areas, such as the Coast, the Chaleur Bay, Land's End, Upper Gaspe, and the Valley. The impressive scenes that you can witness in Gaspe could be enough for you to explore the city. If you are considering this place for your next staycation, then you will have the opportunity to delve into the world's most accessible northern gannet colony, discover natural parks, and visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With these things, there is no wonder why Gaspe is included in Canada's 50 Places of a Lifetime published in National Geographic Traveller.

5. Halifax, Nova Scotia - One thing that you will like about Halifax is the adventures that it provides for everyone. No matter what interests you, there's a recreation that awaits you in the city. Since Halifax offers both rural and urban vibes, any adventure seeker can create hundreds of unique experiences that can be treasured for a lifetime. For Halifax trips, try to take a day tour to a Wild Paradise Island or get a souvenir photo at Peggy's Cove. You can also tour the city by taking a road trip or riding a 45-foot sailing yacht. Visitors can also hike in the ocean-side Salt Marsh Trail or bike in the 200-year-old working fishing village of Fisherman's Cove. Don't forget to mount your action cam on your headgear or to the handlebar of your bicycle to document your exciting adventures at Halifax.

6. St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador - St. John is the province's capital that offers a beautiful combination of small-town charm and big-city vibes. It is hailed as one of the most easterly and oldest cities in North America. St. John is blessed with many national and provincial parks where you can go camping and do several family-friendly recreations. Try to create a memorable camping experience at Gros Morne National Park or Terra Nova National Park. You may also have some photo opportunities at the Twillingate, Ferryland, and Cape Spear Lighthouse. For picturesque landscapes, you may visit Bonavista, Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve and Fogo Island and Change Islands.


With a number of road trip destinations, tourist attractions, and exciting adventures, you will surely fall in love with the Great White North. Since one day is not enough to venture across the country, you may start first with the great cities on the East Coast. Frequent travellers and adventurers highly recommend most of these places. Some areas in the region are recognized as World Heritage Sites. So if you want to experience the magnificent beauty and qualities of your next Canada road trip, then plan your visit and make an unforgettable road trip in any city here in East Coast Canada.