Exciting Places In Toronto For Great Family Photo Ops

Toronto is such a great place to see and enjoy. There are various spots everyone can take amazing photos as souvenirs. Not only that, but the place also offers a great bonding moment for families and friends. We've compiled some of the most exciting and interesting places in Toronto that will be great for family photo opportunities.


Interesting Places To Visit in Toronto for Picture-Taking

Below are some of the places you can visit in Toronto. You can have fun collecting memories through every single picture captured.


#1 Toronto Zoo. Family members, especially the kids, love seeing amazing animals and species. That's why visiting a zoo is a perfect way to enjoy, learn, and have fun. Toronto Zoo is a very famous place to check out. It has over 3.5 million visitors each year and offers an excellent zoo adventure for everyone. The zoo has over 5,000 types of animals, and it's also a leading Toronto spot in saving Nature and wildlife conservation in Canada. The whole family will enjoy taking photos with cute and fantastic animals in the zoo. 

#2 Ireland Park. Ireland Park is another popular spot in Toronto which was created to commemorate the Irish immigrants who seek a place to stay in Canada during the Potato Famine in the 1840s. This park offers five bronze and a limestone wall from Ireland – both provide a gorgeous place to pamper yourself next to Lake Ontario. Capture moments and pictures of Ireland Park while having a great view of downtown Toronto’s skyline. 

#3 The Scarborough Bluffs. Also known as Scarborough Highlands, this spot in Toronto stretches 15 kilometres. This is famous because of its noticeable compressed sand. Scarborough Bluffs offer several trails, beautiful landscapes, and beaches. This is also a great time to capture pictures of and with either the sunrise or sunset in the area.

The Bluffs Trail can be found in the Bluffer's Park and allows its visitors to witness the beauty of Nature amid the cliffs. If you want to capture awesome night shots, then this place is definitely perfect for that. 

#4 Sunnybrook Park. Sunnybrook Park is a big park showcasing a 175-acre farm with horse stables. It also has a first-class cricket fixture which amazingly played on one of its recreational fields. The vast park is definitely an awesome spot to take amazing photos and create memories. 

#5 Ripley's Aquarium. Ripley's Aquarium is another attraction that can be found in Toronto. This is open the whole year-round. It offers all kinds of sea species and features fantastic events, including swimming with sharks, yoga, and other fun celebrations. Take pictures with the sea creatures and feel the wonders they can bring to you, your friends, and family members.

#6 Evergreen Brickworks. The Evergreen Brickworks is a place rich in history and cultural heritage. What makes the place unique are the celebrated events that take place in this location, including a weekly farmer's market, and yearly Winter Village. Tourists are also awed by its breathtaking scenery. All these contribute to creating precious photo opportunities you will surely treasure forever.

#7 Toronto's High Park. Toronto's High Park showcases some of the most amazing natural views located in the urban area. You can enjoy the cherry blossoms during Springtime, and the 260 animal creatures in the park. Various rare plant species can be found in the area as well. That makes this area an extra special place to take pictures.

#8 Toronto Waterfronts. Toronto Waterfalls is dubbed as one of the longest urban waterfronts in the world. It has a lot to offer, such as beaches, parks, butterfly habitats, and farmer's markets. The Toronto Waterfront is genuinely one of the best places to capture gorgeous skyline views and find other interesting photography subjects.

#9 The Beaches. As the name implies, The Beaches offers breathtaking views of beaches, trails, and the wonderful culture Toronto has.  What you would like to check and will definitely love is their international summer jazz festival. Take pictures with the beautiful sceneries and take the chance to capture the fun and beauty The Beaches can offer. 

#10 Kensington Market. Kensington Market is one of the most famous places in Toronto. It is also known as a National Historic Site; the title was given in 2006. This market offers a lot of products and services for sale. Besides, the buildings are covered with street art, which can be an excellent subject for photography. If you want to spend a wonderful afternoon taking pictures of the street art while shopping around the place, then Kensington Market is one spot to visit.

#11 Liberty Village. Liberty Village is a 43-acre planned community, showcasing commercial, residential, and retail purposes. This village offers a great place for young media professionals, innovatively designed businesses, and a glimpse of the urban lifestyle. This place is a beautiful spot where you can take Instagrammable photos you will surely love.

#12 Riverdale Farm. Riverdale Farm is a place that can be found in Toronto's downtown Cabbagetown village. You'll be filled with amazement with the taste of farm life in the 7.5-acre Riverdale Farm. This property is home to various livestock such as pigs, sheep, cows, goats, chickens, and other animals. What makes this place more interesting is the plant life, which includes vegetables, herb plants, flowers, and herb gardens.  There are also ponds and wooded areas which will for sure serves as an excellent background for your pictures. Indeed, this is one awesome place for family's bonding and creating fun experiences together. 

#13 Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres. This place is really a beautiful spot due to its botanically-themed auditorium located in the world's old double-decker theatre.

If you want to capture fantasies and fantastic views, then Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre is the best place to be. Its designs offer walls painted with trellises, plant murals, and other aesthetic decors. The location is magical because of the designs, effects, and overall landscaping.

#14 Leslie Spit. The Leslie Street Spit is a human-made peninsula from the debris of bricks and is now adored by Toronto's nature lovers. Other names are used to address this place such as The Spit, Tommy Thompson, and Outer Harbour. This is another chance to be in a place where you can achieve amazing and high-quality images.

#15 Edwards Gardens. Edwards Gardens sits near to the Toronto Botanical Garden. This is an estate garden which features ornamentals like perennials and roses. There are also wildflowers and amazing rockery in the valley. You can also see a lovely arboretum beside the charming children's Teaching Garden.


A place where you will capture precious moments through photographs greatly matters. This can add meaning to the stories you would want to remember from the photos. That is why the sites mentioned above in Toronto are great spots to visit if you want to have amazing photos and memories.