Getting More Creative Using Props in Photo Booths

What’s the best way to capture a moment? Yes, it’s taking a picture! No matter what the occasion is, people always adore taking photos to create a remembrance of their fun-filled day. This is more exciting when there’s a photo booth at your special event. 

Photo booths are one of the favourite inclusions in packages when it comes to weddings, parties, and other get-togethers. A photo booth is not just a booth to pictures, but this will provide a fun and fulfilling experience as you attend the event.


Why Would You Want a Photo Booth for Your Event?

Some people might be thinking that a photographer to cover the event is already enough. However, having a photo booth can add more fun and make the experience more unique to your guests. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a photo booth for your next occasion:

#1 Capturing Every Cherished Moment. Let your friends and guests capture the fun memories of the event. Take note, with a photo booth, you’re not just going to get pictures, but, you are going to have cool and exciting photos! Whether it is a wedding or a birthday party, a photo booth will surely give you a lasting memory of the event. Make those photos a way of reliving the memories of the event.

#2 You’ll Have Fun And Entertainment With A Photo Booth. Taking pictures can be really fun, especially in a photo booth. They can have fun and lovely backdrops or personalized props to make the photos more amazing.

There are a variety of fun backdrops your guests can use to make their pictures more personalized. There are also some fun props that can be used to really make the photo booth come alive. Your guests will have a good time and a lot of entertainment. 

#3 Photo Booth Is Perfect for Everyone. A photo booth is also fun and exciting because it can be used by everyone. Both young and older individuals would love the idea of having their personalized pictures printed after a few minutes. All the guests can find the wonders of capturing their best moments on the occasion by utilizing what the photo booth will offer.



Creative Ideas that Will Turn your Photo Booths an Amazing Experience to your Guests

A bit of creativity added to the photo booth set up will definitely create a more effective way to make people excited about their pictures. One way to achieve that is by using creative props.

A photo booth is placed in an event to capture more images of the guests, besides the more professional-looking pictures that the official photographer is taking. Therefore, a photo booth shouldn't be plain and empty-looking. You can add other elements to make the backdrop and the props available with fun and creativity.

Below are some creative ideas you can use for a photo booth:

#1 Romantic and Innovative Backdrops. A loving backdrop can be very fun to use in a photo booth. A cheery flower wall provides a pretty garden setting that can make for a perfect backdrop or you can have heart cutouts or love messages printed as decor.

#2 Bespoke Chalk Art. A bespoke chalk art offers a gorgeous photo backdrop. It can look classy or modern, and everyone will surely love it.

#3 Amusing Props. A life-size stand-in at a wacky pose can be an amusing prop for a photo booth. Another one is by using cute, wooden emoji props. For sure, those emoticons will help reveal in the pictures the feelings you have.

#4 Fun Themed Photoshoot (Fiesta, Retro, and Vintage). Fun-themed props are awesome in inspiring an outstanding snapshot. Props can be designed with themes such as retro, fiesta, and vintage touch. A circus-themed backdrop can be also a perfect way to capture shareable moments in a photo booth. 

#5 Do-It-Yourself Props. The props can be purchased but if you want to make the overall effect a little bit more personal you can have your props handmade. You can try using DIY props such as a floral frame, cute, sparkling sequin backdrop.  

#6 Unique Hashtags Props. Unique, witty, and funny hashtags can effectively make the day with the photo booth superb! Wedding couples’ unique hashtags are a trend nowadays and can be used as a display and caption in the photo booth. 

#7 Speech Bubbles. Add fun and humour to the photos of your special event. Speech bubbles with personal messages can make the experience more exciting. Messages can be thrilling and make people visit the photo booth.

#8 Printable Mustaches. Mustaches are one of the most common props in a photo booth that never go out of style. Kids and adults will definitely love these props, it’s fun and looks awesome!

#9 Lovely DIY Flower Crown. With a flower crown as a prop in the photo booth, you can create the feel of being in a garden party or in an outdoor event. These kinds of props have become very popular and trendy and can create amazing and fun memories. 

#10 Cute Animal Hats. The idea of becoming a cute pet in a picture is cool and fun. Animal hats are a perfect way to take photos while having a good time with your friends.   

#11 Superhero Costumes. Who wouldn’t want to become a superhero in an amazing photo booth? There can be superhero costumes and printables perfect for kids to wear and enjoy. Of course, adults can also try these exciting photo booth props.


A photo does not only show the subject being captured; but, it also speaks of various emotions and special moments people spent together. So, treasure each moment and don’t let the chance to capture them go away.