How to Take Perfect Candid Photos

Candid photos are some of the most cherished memories that people have. Capturing a photo of someone in an unguarded moment is special, because it shows a side of them that they usually don't show to the public. If you want to take perfect candid photos, there are a few things you need to know. In this post, we're going to share with you tips on how to capture beautiful candid shots every time. So, keep reading!

Find a location with good lighting

Finding the perfect lighting for a photography session can be a daunting task. Whether it's finding the best lighting in an indoor or outdoor location, lighting plays an imperative role in setting the tone and mood of each image. While natural lighting is often coveted by photographers, even small changes in positioning can make a big difference on how light falls onto the subject. Locations near large windows, skylights and open doorways can provide significant lighting with minimal effort. It's important to understand lighting trends over the course of day when planning out a shoot to ensure there is enough natural lighting available during shooting time. Additionally, scouting out locations prior to shooting can help you ensure that your desired lighting will be available to you when needed.


Choose the right time of day

Taking photography seriously means taking timing into consideration. Shooting at the right time of day can have a significant impact on the quality of photos, particularly if shooting outdoors. During sunrise and sunset, for example, light has a special quality that can take any given scene above and beyond its normal potential. Experienced photographers keep in mind which times of day their photography is most likely to benefit from, whether for landscape photography driven by natural light or portrait photography relying on the intimacy of golden hour's warmth. Ultimately, factoring the time of day into photography can be just as integral a part of the process as choosing a lens or composition.


Use natural props to enhance your photos

Photography is a unique art form that allows us to capture the moments of life and create stories through images. Adding natural props to photography can be a great way to enhance your work and add more interest. Nature provides an abundance of items that can complement your photography, from leaves and flowers to rocks, seashells, and branches. By using natural elements in your photography you can create a distinctive look that sets your photography apart from others and increase the visual appeal of any shot. With a little creativity, you’ll find countless ways to use natural props in order to add more texture, color, movement, and perspective to your photos.


Pose your subjects in an interesting way

When taking candid photos of your subjects, the most important thing is to make sure your subjects look naturally comfortable. To do this, you should constantly be engaging with them throughout the process and create an atmosphere that helps your subjects express themselves with ease. Doing so will help ensure candid photographs that are interesting and exciting to look at, capturing real expressions and moments. It’s also important to try different poses from time-to-time to create a variety of interesting images that you wouldn’t otherwise get from having your subject remain still in front of the camera.


Experiment with different angles and distances

Exploring with different angles and distances can be a great way to improve candid photography. Whether you are taking photographs of people or objects, the right position can help capture stunning candid photos. Experimenting with different perspectives can be educational and is one of the best ways to gain insights into the art form of photography. There is a wide range of creative options from switching up camera iso setting to zooming in and out to get the desired effect in your candid shots. And don't forget about keeping yourself at different distances for that perfect picture! Try it out, who knows what interesting candid photos you will come up with!


Take lots of photos and choose the best ones later

Photography is an excellent way to capture special memories and candid moments. Taking lots of photos allows you to experiment with angles and settings, often revealing unique perspectives for your candid shots. This means when it comes to sorting through the photos later, you have a wider selection from which to choose the best ones. You can tailor each photo session to suit your individual needs, taking as many shots as you need in order for you to pick out the ultimate memory-capturing candid photo.


Post-processing can make a big difference

After a candid photo is taken, post-processing can work wonders. One of the first excuses most photographers give for not taking the perfect candid shot is that it doesn't capture the true essence or emotion from their subject. Post-processing can help to make a candid photo seem more real and lifelike by accurately adjusting exposures, color tones, and other elements of the shot. Adjustments can also be made to enhance certain features, draw attention to certain points in the photos, and provide additional clarity. Post-processing offers an artful way to ensure candid photos are still 100% candid while also providing added visual appeal and impact. In photography, post-processing really makes a big difference.


Share your photos with friends and family for feedback

Creating candid photos can be an incredibly rewarding experience. With the right lighting and composition, you can capture moments in time that will live on forever as a lasting memory. Sharing these images with friends and family is a great way to get thoughtful feedback from your support network, along with helpful advice from seasoned photographers. Whether you’re just beginning to explore the craft of photography or are an experienced practitioner, the candid shots you take can be shared with others for insights on how to perfect your technique.



Candid photography is all about capturing natural and unposed moments as they happen. It can be a great way to capture unique expressions and emotions that might not be possible with traditional posed shots. In order to take the best candid photos, it's important to keep your subjects comfortable and relaxed. This means being engaged with them throughout the process and creating an atmosphere that helps them express themselves naturally. It's also important to experiment with different poses and angles to create a variety of interesting images. By taking lots of photos and choosing the best ones later, you'll have more options from which to choose the perfect candid photo for your needs. Finally, post-processing can make a big difference in making your candid shots look even better. With careful adjustments, you can make your photos seem more real and lifelike. Sharing your photos with friends and family is a great way to get feedback on how to improve your technique further. Candid photography is an enjoyable art form that allows you to capture special memories in unique ways!