How to Turn your Photographs into Special Gifts

Photographs can be regarded as a collection of moments turned into memories. They are captured emotions and feelings that you can always look back and reminisce those amazing experiences. If you want to make your photos more meaningful, then one thing you can do is to turn them into unique and special gifts.


Turn Your Photo Prints Into Special Gifts

Photo prints can be turned into amazing gift items. There are various creative things you can do with the photos and it’s great to have a lot of different ideas. These gift ideas can be turned into amazing items to share with your loved ones. Here are some ideas:


#1 Phone Cases. You can make your phone case more exciting and beautiful. You can make it cool, playful, fun, and touching. Your loved one will be thrilled when they see a great photo of both of your together -or any photo you’ve captured that has a special meaning- as part of their phone. Not only the case will protect your phone, but it will also be something that will add style to the gadget. 

#2 Photo Bookmarks. A lot of people love reading books or if you’re a student, you have your textbooks with you a lot of the time. It will be interesting to have a photo gift bookmark that makes you inspired, happy, and motivated during exams or while reading. What photo can you print on the bookmark? A family photo or a picture of you and your friends will be great ideas. You can put ribbons, strings, or even tassels to make the bookmark more impressive. 

#3 Pull-out Photo AlbumAnother interesting idea is doing a scrapbook with pictures of your loved ones and/or special people dear to you. This can make an excellent gift item. When creating the album, choose the images that stand out more or that are most meaningful and add some designs to them. 

Stick them together as an album and make them even more impressive by having them in different shapes, borders, and captions. Make each leaf of photograph something enticing to uncover and pull up. Excitement will burst in every time a page is pulled out.

#4 Mug. For sure, one of the most popular gift items nowadays is the customized mug. Mugs with printed photos and images have been very popular on marketplaces as gift items for birthdays, souvenirs for weddings, and even during family reunions. They serve the purpose of being a gift item that is both practical and beautiful. You can see the photo and reminisce special memories while having a cup of coffee in the morning before starting your day. This could be another way of staying productive and motivated in your work.

#5 Photo Blocks. Photo blocks are perfect presents for children. The Images to be printed or designed on the blocks can be gorgeous portraits of your family, or people close to you. Playing those photo blocks will help kids recognize those relatives and family friends. Not only that, but adults can enjoy these blocks too; it will be an effective way to spend a great time together as a family.

#6 Colouring Pages. Most of us love colouring books. Many people get easily amazed by colouring books because they can bring pleasure and unleash creativity. It will be fun to add colours to the photos you’ve selected and printed. This is a valuable time to give to the kids as they learn how to colour and enjoy watching the pictures as well.

#7 Wood Images. You can transfer images on wood to make it an amazing gift item. Since wood has a natural texture, it can be a perfect panel where you can place the image you’ve chosen to showcase. Wood has been used to create wonderful items which are stylish, high-quality, and environment-friendly.

#8 Polaroid Lifts. Polaroid lifts remain as one of the favourites by many when it comes to creating gift ideas within the world of photography. Polaroid lifts come in various shapes. Once a Polaroid image is processed, then it’s time to dip it in water. Such process will discard everything except the image floating on the sheet of plastic. You can accessorize the images with glass stone, paper, and other materials you think will be great for Polaroid films.

#9 Gift Tags. A personalized photo gift tag will surely make a fantastic addition to a wrapped item for your loved ones. They will add fun and delight to someone who will open the gift. Not only that, these gift tags can be reused or recycled by turning them into hangable images and displays.

#10 Calendars. This is another popular way to create a beautiful gift from your photos. Create a personalized and attractive calendar, then send it as a gift to the people you love. You can make it comical as well, so it adds a bit of fun as each month passes by. Choose the best photos that you would like to be part of the calendar.  This is a perfect gift for your friends and family members, especially during Christmas, holidays or their birthdays.

#11 Jigsaw Puzzle. If you know someone who loves to jigsaw puzzles, then it could be an excellent opportunity to prepare a gift they will adore. You can have a photo of your family printed on the jigsaw puzzle. You can have it framed and hung, so it will always remind you of the experience on how your family complete the puzzle. It’s fun, challenging, and will be full of memories.

#12 Memory Games. Most kids love memory games, and even some adults, too. Turning some photographs into a memory game will help the whole family spend quality time together. Playing memory games using the images of their favourite characters, toys, and family members will be a great bonding experience together.


Every photo can serve as a way to reminisce good memories, remember a person, and become grateful for the moment when the photo was captured. The good thing is, with a little creativity and effort, pictures can be turned into more amazing surprises. You can share it with your loved ones or have it as your keepsake. Start creating your new favourite photo gift now.