Photography Do's and Don'ts At The Beach

The good thing about beach photography is that you can approach it from different perspectives. Any time of the day, the beach that always looked the same will look differently. There are different approaches when it comes to beach photography, a golden hour or what they call the best time of the day with the best lighting is the much-awaited time of the photographers.

Beach photography according to some photographers is a challenge. Simply because photos need to come up with different images that are compelling, that being said photos need to be different and unique to make it more enticing to the eyes of the viewer.

Rules in photography do not seem to apply at all times. At the beach, experimentation is an essential key according to some photographers. It lets you come up with the ideas help to bring out the best photos.


Photography Do's

Proper Lighting. When it comes to photography, it is essential for us to remember the appropriate lighting. Lighting is a huge step when it comes to getting great pictures. It is essential that we use a flash or natural light to make the image brighter. Whether it is for a film or digital, lighting plays an important role especially if you are dealing with the significant impact of sunlight at the beach.

Photography at the beach may also seem like days are longer. It is because there are not much-blocked rays from the sun, so the golden hours actually seem to start a bit earlier and end later. Overall, sunrise and sunsets on the beach can really provide fantastic colour in the images.

Timing is Important. The start and end of days are the best opportunities for shooting at the beach. That is why it is essential to avoid the crowd and being alone on the beach is everybody's chance that many are looking for. There will be fewer people at the day, but you'll find that with the sun shining on an angle which has more exciting effects of shadows and colours.

Every photographer needs to keep in mind that once beach photography has been taken in the midday hours, it will result in hard light and undesirable shadows. Most especially on people's faces because of the heat.

To avoid crowded beaches, it is best that we go to less-visited beaches or during the off-season. The consequence might be travelling farther and but the good thing is you may find beautiful beach scenery. It will somehow give you a different beauty and different vibe than summer because of the heavy clouds and currents.

Use of Flash. You might be wondering why flash is needed on the outdoor activity. Use of flash is an excellent tip on how we can come up with a great photo. There are two reasons why we need to take a picture with a flash: when the light is frail (sunset and sunrise) and as filling light to avoid a lot of shadows in the face. This usually happens when the sun is high in the sky, and this will create an unflattering photo.

Create Silhouettes. Among the different effects in photography, the dramatic one is creating silhouettes. The beach has a lot of open areas which makes it a great place to take backlight photos. The subject must be placed between your camera and the light source, in this case, the sun. Setting the exposure to the lighter part of the scene which is the background. The subject will then remain dark, creating a silhouette effect.


Photography Dont's

Obsess with Cleanliness. It is essential to take care of your gear; however, risk needs to be taken because to get compelling photos you need to shoot in adverse conditions. Sometimes it is made from rainy and windy conditions, with a conscious effort that your camera may or may not break. Overall it is important to be conscious once in a while on how to keep our things organize but don't overdo it.

Don't' be Too Serious. When a photographer takes a photo with a client, it is important that we understand that a client can be affected too and we must not forget that the overall experience matters. Instead of being serious and tense while taking photos, we need to assess if our client is having fun.

It is because at the end of the day, the overall experience matters. You probably don't have to ask whether they are having fun or not because obviously, it will reflect in their client's faces. You'll know if they are having a good time and comfortable around you.

Don't be Unprofessional. Never show doubt, uncertainty or bad mood to your clients. In a beach set up where the temperature is humid, it is best to appear responsible and professional especially if you are taking photos for an event that is very special to the client. It is proper that you do your best and I try to be comfortable in your overall well being so that it won't add up in what you think while taking photos.

Don't Forget to Shoot Black & White Images at the Beach. When you are at the beach, some have this connotation that sun, waves and sand must be captured with its natural colour. But that is not always the situation because a black and white shot at the beach completely changes the current state and ambiance.

It's also a good way to bring to life the beach shots on lifeless or overcast days which can often leave a beach to appear a bit colourless. Black and white adapt to any lighting situation whereas coloured photography usually works best on sunny days or in brightly lit studios. It can give certain scenes a striking, timeless quality when donning well. Not every shot will work in black and white but will look more beautiful than a monochrome colour.

The beach is a great place to try new ideas and let your creativity go wild. In trying out some new photography techniques remember to be wise in the sun, take a lot of water and apply sunscreen with you to avoid getting dehydrated. It's a fun way to learn photography in a different aspect.