Photography Prop Ideas for Kids and Toddlers

Using props in photoshoots is an ideal way to level up your photographs. Fascinating items like balloons, flowers, and even a simple chair could add colours to your photos. They help in adding a story to the image you are capturing. If you want to produce more meaningful images, it is recommended to make use of compelling objects. With all the available props that you can find at home or in local stores, it is quite challenging to pick the best accessories for a particular photo shoot. It is why it is crucial that you find something that will match the theme and will help in creating a striking effect to the pictures. Take note that props should not overpower the subject.


Interesting Props Ideas for Kids and Toddlers

When selecting props for the photo shoot, one of the first things that you should know is the subject. If you are having a photoshoot with toddlers and kids, you should not use props that might harm the subject. Here are some ideas that you may consider:

1. Balloons - If you want to add vivid colours to your photographs, then using balloons is an excellent idea. You can let them float above the child or place them on the ground. If your subject is a baby, a single balloon could be enough to make an interesting picture. You may tie it in the baby's hand to create a dramatic scene. But make sure not to harm the baby's delicate skin. If you are using several balloons, then let the child play with them. Capture as many pictures as you can while the toddler is playing. You can shoot in burst mode to capture the sincerest emotions of your subject.

2. Camera - You can use a camera as one of the props in your photoshoot. Whether it is functioning or not, cameras make excellent props. You can make use of an action cam or a DSLR and see how your kid will react to it. Ask the child to pose like a photographer. Like using props, better posing is also a vital aspect of creating a good photo.

3. Clean rugs - Aside from the objects that you will incorporate into the photo shoot, it is also crucial to think of the background. Usually, many photographers use mats as the backdrop for babies. When considering it, try to use softer fabrics to avoid skin irritations for the baby. If you use rugs, you may choose neutral or pastel colours to make the photos more appealing.

4. Flowers - You may use a bouquet to add a feminine touch to your photos. You can also incorporate baskets or garlands to make a captivating scene. If the child is old enough, try to ask him/her to act like she is picking the flowers. The best thing about this prop idea is that flowers also come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. You can use big yellow sunflowers, or a single red rose in the photoshoot. Another idea is to scatter some petals around the subject to create some drama in the scene.

5. Hats - A simple hat can make your child look more adorable. Using a hat is also an excellent idea for a baby milestone photography. It could be a cowboy's hat, knitted beanie, or a statement hat. You may also pick a hat with bunny ears or any cute animal ears that you can find. Another option is to look for someone who does customized caps. You can print the name of your baby on the hat. A lot of moms currently feature their baby's development through pictures. You can print the age of the baby and have it designed on the hat.

6. Huge candies - Just like candies, toddlers and kids are sweet. You can add a charming touch to the photos by using big candies as props. Even a single swirl lollipop can make the images look cuter. On the other hand, you may use as many candies as you can. Doing so can create a variety of colours in the photographs. Besides, children will be more likely to behave if they see some candies around them. Let them play with the props to capture their genuine smile.

7. Infant cocoons - Some photoshoots take a long time. To keep the baby warm during the photo shoot, you can use infant cocoons. These are soft knitted pouches that also look good in photographs. Not only do they come in a wide range of colours, but they also help in adding texture to the images.

8. Necktie - Isn't it adorable to find what your little man is wearing like his daddy? You can make it happen by using a necktie as one of the props in the photoshoot. There are baby ties that you can find in local or online stores. It comes in a wide array of colours and patterns, so make sure to pick the best one for the baby. You can use the tie if the baby is wearing a suit or a button-down shirt. Even if the baby is half-naked, he will still look cute with a small necktie on. An alternative for the necktie is a bowtie. Any baby will look like a little man by dressing up in these fashion accessories.

9. Stuffed animals - Most children love stuffed animals. Since they are fascinated with stuffed toys, you can use this opportunity to get their interest while performing the photo shoot. In this way, it would be easier for the photographer to take photos. Compared to other props, stuffed toys are safer for babies since they are made of soft materials. However, make sure to choose the best quality of stuffed toys to avoid health problems in the future.


There are several ways to level up your photographs. Besides using different photography techniques, adding captivating props can help you in creating appealing photos. When choosing props for children's photoshoot, make sure not to use items that can pose danger to your kids. Accessories can help in enhancing your photographs, but it is also essential to learn new techniques that you can utilize to hone your skills in photography.