Photography Techniques to Try at Home

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is quite challenging to take photographs outside. Many countries have ordered lockdowns to different regions, including lots of tourist attractions. Even though you are not allowed to visit breathtaking places, you can still practice your profession indoors. There are many exciting items at your home, which could be excellent photography subjects. In this way, you can improve your photography skills and practise different techniques, even at home.


Must-Try Photography Tips for Different Genres

During these times of crisis, there are many ways on how you can stay productive. For photography enthusiasts, you can convert your home to a photography studio by utilizing the significant items that you can find indoors. The following is a list of photography genres and some tips on how to do them at home:

1. Black and White Photography - As a photographer, you tell interesting stories through photographs. Sometimes, a black and white photo is powerful enough to convey a story. There are several tips on how to create an inspirational black and white picture. It is essential to find an excellent subject - be it a person, your pet, or something that looks appealing. To make the best white and black photograph, try to focus on contrast and texture.

2. Bokeh Photography - Another interesting genre that you can do indoors and outdoors is bokeh photography. To achieve it in your pictures, you have to use a fast lens. Experts say that a faster lens is recommended. You may prefer at least an f/2.8 aperture to achieve the desired results. To do bokeh photography, you have to shoot with the lens wide open. In other words, try to take pictures using the Aperture Priority or Manual. Use the genre when shooting portraits since they are ideal examples of photographs with a bokeh effect. Other excellent subjects include flowers and insects.

3. Macro Photography - Another ideal photography genre that you can try at home is macro photography. Here, you need to use the macro mode of your camera. You have to focus the lens closer than usual to your preferred subject. Since the minimum distance allowed varies depending on your camera model, try to have a quick read on the camera's manual. Choose a larger aperture to focus on the subject and blur the background. Some of the best subjects for this genre include flowers and insects, which you can find in your garden or the backyard.

4. Motion Blur Photography - If you see your relative or friend dancing, then why not make a motion blur photography? It is a photography genre that features a sense of speed. You can try this at home using a slow shutter speed. There are different methods on how you can transform your old pictures to motion blur photography. One way to do it is by manipulating them using Adobe Photoshop. But keep in mind that doing so may result in images that look unnatural. That's why it is recommended to use the slow shutter speed before taking photographs.

5. Night Photography - Night photography is one of the most challenging genres that you can try. It is because it requires you to take photographs using the available light sources. Since there is no sun to give you natural light, you have to be creative in finding alternative light sources. Perhaps, you may use Christmas lights, lamps, and other things that you can find at home. If you have sparklers at home, then you can create unique photographs by using a flash set on rear curtain sync. You can also experiment with exposures to make amazing pictures.

6. Tilt-Shift Photography - It is a photography genre that requires the use of special lenses. It is because tilt-shift refers to the utilization of camera movements done on both small and medium-format cameras. This genre consists of two main directions, the tilt and shift. Tilt is the rotation of the lens that is relative to the image plane, whereas shift is the movement of the lens that is parallel to the image plane. When doing this at home, try to find an interesting scene and use the tilt-shift to manipulate the photograph. In this process, you have to blur some areas of the picture to make the scene look like a picture of a miniature-scale model. Photoshop is one of the software that you can use to manipulate the photos after taking them.


Interesting Subjects to Photograph at Home

If you are worried about what subject to use at home, then here are some ideas:

1. Food Landscape - You can also showcase your creativity by making a food landscape. With food, you can create different scenarios that convey a story. You can make the landscape more real by adding some model figures.

2. Frozen Flowers - With distilled water and flowers, you can make exciting photographs. First, you have to put flowers in a container then add some water. Make sure the flowers don't float. Take them after they are frozen and let the ice melt away. Try to capture the beauty of the flowers while seeing the ice melts.

3. Shattered Glass - Breaking glass and capturing it is one of the creative shots that you can do at home. When considering a shattered glass for creative photography, be mindful of the broken glass pieces to avoid injuries.

The best thing about travelling is it provides a lot of breathtaking views which are perfect for different genres in photography. But with the current situation that most people are in, it is challenging to do photography sessions. Taking landscape photographs may not be possible nowadays. As a photographer, you may try new things and perform different photography genres. Doing photoshoots at home allows you to practice your skills and discover your other potentials in the industry.