Props Ideas for Vintage-Style Prenuptial Shoot

After the marriage proposal, one of the challenging tasks that you and your partner are likely looking forward to is your wedding preparation. Part of the wedding plan is your prenuptial shoot. From simple to extravagant ideas, there are countless themes that you could choose from. It is necessary to find the best wedding planner who can assist you.

Wedding organizers can help you in finding the perfect prenuptial location that can suit your preferred theme. Nowadays, many couples love the idea of acquiring vintage feels in their photographs. If you are considering a vintage-style prenuptial, then it's time to know the necessary things that you can do to achieve this classic theme.


Things to Consider in A Prenuptial Shoot

Many couples want to have some memorable and unique photographs that they can keep. This is why some of them perform prenuptial shoots before tying the knot. It is essential to be well-prepared in doing these photoshoots as it may take some time in finding some items to create your desired set design. Here are some ideas that you should consider if you are looking for a vintage-style photoshoot. 

1. Find the perfect vintage location. One of the critical elements in a vintage prenuptial shoot is the venue. It is vital to look for the best site that is ideal for a vintage setting. Try to find an old house, a historic building, or retro-themed estate. If you cannot find a perfect location, then you can create your vintage set-up. You can do this by adding antique furniture and other old fashioned items in your chosen venue.

2. Follow retro-themed dress code. After finding the best site for your prenuptial, the next thing to consider is the clothes that you are going to wear. Women may choose an old-fashioned dress while men can wear a classic tuxedo. Finding vintage clothes could be challenging, but there are simple ways to look for them. You may ask your grandparents if they kept some vintage clothing or you could go to online stores that sell classic clothes.

3. Consider an old-time overall look. Your hair and make-up should also complement the way you dress. You can do some research on vintage-style hair and make-up on the internet. Try to watch tutorial videos and apply the tips on how to have a classic look. Women may opt for a fashionable headdress while men can wear vintage hats. Moreover, you can add antique accessories, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and watches.

4. Make use of vintage props. If you already have an ideal location, adequate clothes to wear, and a preferred retro-themed look, then it's time to look for some antique props. These items are essential to set a vintage mood in the photographs. The antique items can also help you in designing an old setting, especially if you were not able to find a perfect location.


Retro-Themed Props for Prenuptial Shoot

In having a vintage twist to your prenuptial, it essential to make use of timeless pieces. Try to find the following items from old items collectors or shop these from local and online shops:

1. Vintage vehicles - Experience some vintage vibes by making use of antique cars. Try to find a VW camper van, Ford Zodiac, or classic mini. You may also rent an old bicycle that you can use in the photoshoots.

2. Vintage tins and glass jars - If you use an antique table in the set design, you can place some vintage tins and glass jars. You can put adorable flowers or sweet treats in these containers. You can also use old teapots to craft impressive centrepieces. Try to make simple flower arrangements using the mentioned items.

3. Vintage record players - One of the classic things that can be seen in any vintage-themed photoshoot or movies is an old record player. Using this can be a perfect prop for the overall photoshoot setup.

4. Vintage typewriters - Before computers, people have been using typewriters to create reports and other documents. Using these devices in your prenuptial shoot is an excellent way to create the retro vibes. Try placing some old books beside it to add some more appeal. 

5. Vintage cameras - Nowadays, capturing photos has become more comfortable because you can do it digitally. Many modernized cameras are sold in the market today, from digital to action cameras. Surprisingly, there are still people who like to have old-style cameras despite the amazing features that modern ones have. In your photo shoot, try to borrow a vintage camera and use it as another prop. 

6. Balloons - Balloons are excellent props for prenuptial. You can use these in any theme, even in a vintage-style prenuptial. Use your creativity in making different poses while holding some balloons. These items are ideal for outdoor photoshoots. Try to use balloons to add whimsical vibes in your photographs.

7. Chalkboard - Try to include a chalkboard in your set design. You may write interesting inscriptions on the chalkboard. The writings may include the date when you and your partner met, your wedding date, or even a simple message. You can choose between white chalk or coloured ones.

8. Photo Frames - Even a simple photo frame can help in creating a vintage-inspired photo shoot. You can make use of several small frames where you can put your pictures together. Another option is to include a large frame where you and your partner can fit. Try to make unique and interesting poses while posing within the frame.


Choosing a vintage theme is a great idea that you should consider in your prenuptial photoshoots because it never goes out of date. Picking the retro-style can provide elegance and a timeless look.