Still Life Photography Tips and Ideas to Try

We’ve recently published an article talking about still life photography, including what it is and its highlights. If you are an aspiring photographer or someone who is inclined to a different photography genre, it's not too late to become an expert in still life photography. Besides, every expert photographer started with the basics. So if you want to try still life photography, it's time to learn some tips to do it. You will also learn some photography ideas that can help you achieve stunning photos. Whatever camera type you are using, be it an action cam or DSLR, you will indeed produce spectacular shots.


Still Life Photography In A Nutshell

For those who are clueless about what still life photography is, know that it is another genre of photography. It uses inanimate objects as subjects, making it a unique and exciting genre. In this type of photography, you have to use creative arrangements, proper lighting, and other elements to make the objects more appealing.


Still, life photography can help you learn new skills, including styling, since you need to make the unmoving objects look interesting. It can enhance your creativity since the subjects in this genre are usually those things that people pay less attention to. Once you have produced several excellent shots, you can use them to create a photography portfolio. 


Tips to Improve Your Skills As A Still Life Photographer

Still life photography gives you the freedom to arrange the subjects the way you want them to be. Since they are inanimate objects, you can experiment with their arrangements and place the lighting to make them more appealing. But before you give this genre a try, it is essential to follow some tips that can help you improve your skills as a still life photographer. Among them are as follow:


#1 Focus on one type of still life photography. As someone new to this genre, it is crucial to know where you will start. Know that there are many interesting objects you can find. Although you can choose any subject available, it would be better to focus on one area. Still life photography comes in different types. You may select from the following:


- food photography

- found object photography

- product photography

- tabletop photography


You may check the previous article to understand their differences.


#2 Use the right equipment. One thing that makes still life photography ideas for aspiring photographers is it doesn't require expensive camera equipment. Whether you are using an action camera or high-end DSLR, you can produce quality shots. The key to creating excellent still life images is lighting


Either you are using natural or artificial light, its position can significantly affect the overall shot. For instance, if you are using a high-end DSLR and lens, you may need to add other significant gear to produce unique pictures. It includes light reflectors, softboxes, and speed lights or strobes.


#3 Pick the right photography lenses. If you are planning to use different lenses and experiment on them, it is crucial to know how they can help you achieve your desired effects. For example, close-up and macro lenses can help you produce interesting compositions. 


It is because they provide low-minimum focus distances, allowing you to shoot closer to the subject. Besides, it also helps you become more creative since you can focus on the details of the subjects. Another ideal photography lens for still life is the telephoto lenses. They offer a narrow-angle view that enables you to fill the frame using your subject.


Best Still Life Photography Ideas

Now that you have learned some helpful tips, it's time to follow them and give still life photography a try. Practice your skills using the following still life photography ideas:


#1 Choose a unique and fascinating object. When you search for still life photography samples on the internet, you will surely find flower vases, fruits in a basket, and the like. Although you can give it a try, using unique and interesting objects can help you stand out among other photographers. Try to look for a subject that has never been featured or something that people give less attention to. Make them look more appealing by being creative with the arrangements and compositions.


#2 Use painted canvas for the backdrop. There is no wrong in using plain backgrounds. Sometimes, having a simple backdrop can make an object more appealing. But it is not also a bad idea to use a painted canvas. Doing so gives flair to the overall image. Just make sure that the background will not overpower the object. Use subtle or neutral colours to ensure that the focus will not be taken away from the subject.


#3 Try flat lays. Shooting from above is also a perfect idea when doing still life photography. It works well with clothing, but you can also try it with other objects. Flat lay photography makes still life photography a simpler process since all items are on a single plane. You can add creative decorations but make sure that they will not overpower the main subject.


If you want to try another genre of photography, still life would be a great choice. It can help you boost your creativity since you have freedom regarding arrangements, compositions, and lightings. Besides, you can profit from it since companies use excellent product images to promote their brand. Mastering your skills in still life photography is a significant step in building your career. Try the photography ideas mentioned earlier and build a portfolio that you can use to find clients anywhere in the world!