The Beginner's Guide in Using an Action Camera

Action cameras are excellent devices in recording extreme sports and adventures. Many individuals use these cameras in outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. Action cams have different features than a traditional camera. Thus, it is important to look for a guide that can teach you how to fully use an action cam. It will help you maximize its use even if you are using it for the first time.


Beginner's Guide to Action Cameras

Are you planning to buy an action camera but you are still unsure of what it can do for you? If your answer is "yes," then here are the things that you can expect from this amazing device:


What is an action camera? An action camera is like your usual digital camera which you can use to capture photos and record videos. However, it is smaller, more lightweight, and highly portable compared to other types of cameras. It is advisable to use it when featuring extreme sports or adventures because it can bring your photos and videos to life.

Most action cameras are waterproof. You can use them to document any kind of water activity including swimming, surfing, kayaking and other water sports. Mounting your action camera to a helmet allows you to record other exciting adventures like biking, climbing, hiking, skateboarding, and even skydiving.


Does it record high-quality photos and videos? Many action cameras have 4k resolution. 4K refers to four times the pixel resolution, which is considered as one of the highest video qualities available on high-end cameras. If you are considering an action camera with 4k resolution, it is also vital to view it in 4k television or computer monitor to see the footage in the best quality available. 


Is it durable? Action cameras come in different sizes, shapes, and weights. Most of them are waterproof and weatherproof, making them more durable than traditional cameras. Keep in mind that it is still essential to place the action camera in a protective case to make it last longer. Also, when buying one, make sure to look for the "waterproof" and "weatherproof" labels to guarantee its durability.


How long does it last? Although most action cameras last about one to three hours, the battery life still depends on how you use it. Know that the battery can drain faster if you are using the camera for continuous hours. Besides, the battery quickly runs out if most of the camera features are turned on. The features may include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other connectivity options.


How can I transfer the files? If you are done capturing photos or recording videos using your action camera, then you may use the available connectivity feature in your cam. You can use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to upload your pictures and videos to your smartphone, computer, or the web. In terms of the memory card, make sure to choose one with a fast write speed to get the best out of your action camera. Try to purchase a memory card with a large capacity, especially if your camera has a 4k feature. Be reminded that high definition videos take up more space.


Care Tips for Action Cameras

Whether you already have an action camera or still planning to buy one, it is essential to learn and apply the proper maintenance in taking care of this beautiful device. The following guide can help you make your action cam last long:

1. Keep your action camera and other accessories in a safe and clean bag. Most action cameras come in a camera bag. If you have purchased without one, you can buy it from a local or online shop. It is essential to keep the camera and accessories in a bag to protect them from scratches and other damages.

2. Use zip-lock bags to store your camera and other accessories. Although an action camera bag can protect your devices, you may also consider adding zip-lock bags, especially if you are on a rainy trip. The zip-lock bags can serve as additional protection to your camera.

3. Use a storage box to protect your SD card. Since the SD card can be very sensitive, you may need a protective case or even a small storage box to keep it.

4. Regularly check your action camera. Since the lens has the most delicate parts, use a lens cleaner to wipe away dust and other kinds of dirt. Try to use lens tissue with pure alcohol or distilled water. You may also use a blower to remove the dust in the lens.

5. Use a waterproof case. As mentioned earlier, many action cameras are water-resistant but protecting it in a waterproof case can make it safer from other elements.

6. Use silica gels. Silica gels can be found in medicine containers and shoe boxes. They absorb moisture brought by several conditions like indoor heat and other external elements. You may keep silica gels in the camera bag to absorb moisture that can damage your device. When using them, make sure that you'll keep them away from children since silica gels should not be consumed.


Action cameras are helpful devices that you can use outdoors. Before buying one, it is essential to know what benefits you can get from these amazing devices. Also, remember that extra care is needed to maximize the use of action cameras.