The Best Camera for Road Trip Adventures

Since many tourist destinations in Canada are now re-opening, you may be interested in visiting the country's breathtaking locations. However, you have to familiarize yourself with the country’s regulations about COVID-19. After that, you can start planning your itineraries and pack the essentials you need for the trip. If you are bringing your car, it would be best to bring a camera with you aside from your smartphone. Use the camera device to document your road trip adventures and take excellent shots along the way.


Why Bring A Camera for Your Road Trip?

Perhaps, you might be wondering why there is a need to bring a camera when travelling? You could be thinking that a smartphone is enough to save some souvenirs from your trip. Although you can use your phone to take photos and videos, cameras like DSLRs and action cams have features that your smartphone doesn't have. Utilizing a camera ideal for road trips is recommended because you can change the settings and take excellent shots. Here are other reasons why you need a camera on your journey:


#1 Cameras like action cams can shoot high-quality photos and videos. Unlike other smartphones, action cams have better features such as 4K resolution. It is a type of resolution that guarantees the highest quality for photos and videos. It is better than a high definition. So if you want to make excellent shots of the Canadian landscapes, use cameras like action cams. Besides, action cams can double as a dashcam. Meaning, you can take shots of the road scenes while driving.


#2 You can have a variety of lenses. If you are using a smartphone, you only have a built-in lens to utilize for the trip. But with a DSLR, you can change the lenses suitable for your photography needs. For instance, you may use a lens applicable for ultra-wide and ultra-zoom, which is recommended when taking shots of the country's breathtaking landscapes.


#3 Your phone may have other significant uses. A smartphone is indeed beneficial in road trips. But instead of using it for capturing photos and videos, you can utilize the device for other purposes. Try using the phone to track GPS, check your social media accounts, or look for your to-do list. Besides, you need to save power for your smartphone since you can contact someone in times of emergency.


Tips to Consider When Buying A Road Trip Camera

Now that you understand the significance of a road trip camera, it's time to learn how to purchase a high-quality camera. The following is a list of things that you should look for when availing a camera:


#1 Consider portability. Many devices like DSLRs allow you to take high-quality photos and videos. But these devices are bulky compared to action cams. If you bring the camera to your hiking trips to capture great scenes from a higher perspective, consider carrying a more portable and lightweight device. Although you may still choose a DSLR, know that you may need other types of lenses, which will add to the weight in your bag. So an action cam is more ideal for other adventures like hiking trips.


#2 Identify the features you need. Action cams are ideal for hiking, but if you need specific features that action cams don't have, you may consider DSLRs. It is indeed quite challenging to purchase a road trip camera since there are several factors that you need to consider. To buy the best one, you need to balance your needs and prioritize which one will work best for your trip.


#3 Look for a camera with great features based on your budget. Road trip cameras come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and costs. Most expensive cameras have more unique features compared to standard cameras. But there are also affordable cameras online that can offer you high-quality features. For instance, you may buy an action camera with 4K resolution that is under $100. Having excellent camera equipment is an investment. You may consider affordable cams, but you also need to think of other camera accessories.


The following are some features that you may look for when buying a road trip camera:


  • Battery Life: Your camera's battery life is one of the things that you should prioritize. Since you will spend most of the time travelling and capturing picturesque scenes, you need a camera with a long-lasting battery. Make sure you also have an extra one or a proper charging station that comes handy when you need it most.


  • Video Specs: For your videography needs, look for cameras with 4K resolution. It guarantees high-quality footage, unlike other types of resolutions.


  • WiFi Capabilities: If you want to share your films and photos right away to your social media accounts, you need a camera that has WiFi capabilities. With a WiFi-enabled camera, you can share photos with your smartphone.


  • Zoom Type: If you want to produce better images that feature more details, look for optical zoom cameras. Its lens adjusts to get up close to faraway objects, which is ideal if you are far from the subject.


Road trips are exciting, especially if you have brought all the necessary items you need for the journey. You should not miss a road trip camera, which you will use when taking photos and videos of astounding scenes. To pick the best road trip camera for any adventure, you must identify your photography and videography needs. But if you are looking for a portable, lightweight, and with 4K resolution, an action cam could be your best pick.