The Best Canadian Road Trips You Need to Take

After working hard for the whole week, it's time you treat yourself with a pleasant relaxing experience over the weekend. You can pamper yourself in a spa salon, go camping in national or provincial parks, visit amazing beaches, or take an exciting road trip. Having a road trip with your family or friends allows you to unwind and bond with them while exploring Canada's beautiful locations.


The Best Road Trips in Canada

If you still haven’t made plans this weekend, try to invite your friends to relax in a breathtaking Canadian road trip. You can take videos of the places you will be visiting using an action camera. It will help you preserve your memorable adventures with your loved ones.

If you decide to take a road trip, then here are some of the best locations for road trips that you may consider:

1. Cabot Trail - It is a 300-kilometre highway situated in Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. Cabot Trail can guarantee you an exciting adventure since it is considered as one of the most famous road trips in Canada. Besides, tourism advocates in Nova Scotia include it in their list of road trip itinerary. Don't forget to turn on your dashboard camera to record footage of fascinating seascapes and excellent hiking trails as you drive along the incredible highway.

2. Icefields Parkway - Connecting the peaceful towns of Banff and Jasper, this 232-kilometre road is well-known for its scenic highway. Expect to witness ancient glaciers, astonishing waterfalls, and stunning lakes when you pick Icefields Parkway as your road trip destination.

3. Montreal to the Gaspe Peninsula - This route is situated in Quebec City, one of the most admired cities in Canada. Take this route if you want to view the astounding St. Lawrence River. From Montreal to the Gaspe Peninsula, there are various fun activities that you and your family can enjoy. Discover the rich history of Quebec by visiting the Citadelle. You may head to the Bonaventure Island to see almost 300 different bird species.

4. Regina to Saskatoon - If you live near in Saskatchewan, then drive your car and explore the said prairie province. You may start your route from Regina where you can visit the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre. You may also head to Moose Jaw where you can learn about bootlegging. If you still have time, try to go fishing and sailing on the Lake Diefenbaker. There's a lot of incredible places that you can discover before going to the last stop, Saskatoon.

5. Riding Mountain National Park - Situated in Southern Manitoba is Riding Mountain National Park. Taking a road trip on this location allows you to discover tundras and rocky ridges. Besides taking a road trip, you may choose to go on a day camp in one of the resort towns in Clear Lake. You can set-up a tent, suspend a hammock, or rent a cabin in the said location.

6. The Heritage Run - Call out your friends and take the time to visit The Heritage Run located in Newfoundland and Labrador. It is one of the most famous drives with a 463-kilometre loop. Taking a road trip to The Heritage Run is a perfect opportunity to view the spectacular landscapes that can be seen in the province. 

7. Vancouver Island - Dubbed as one of the most beautiful Canadian islands, Vancouver Island is a spectacular destination to behold. It is home to abundant rainforests, majestic peaks, and beautiful coastlines. You can have a stop-over in Vancouver's top destinations including Cathedral Grove, Cowichan Valley, and Chesterman Beach. One of the exciting Vancouver Island road trip routes that you may choose is the Pacific Marine Circle Route. It allows you to witness spectacular landscapes and scenic views, making it as one of the top choices among drivers. The Pacific Marine Circle is a 289-kilometre route with steep hills and winding roads.

8. Viking Trail - The Viking Trail is home to one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Gros Morne National Park. It lies on the west coast of Newfoundland in Eastern Canada. Taking the Viking Trail allows you to see the fantastic summit of Gros Morne. Besides this location, there are also other must-visit attractions that you can explore, including L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site.


Safety Road Trip Tips

Experiencing a memorable road trip requires excellent planning, from choosing the perfect destination to packing all the necessary equipment. It is also essential to be aware of safety road tips to be prepared if an unfortunate event happens.

1. Check your vehicle. Before taking your car to your preferred location, make sure to check its condition the night before you leave your home. Check the battery, belts, fluids, tires, and other gear. Also, try to bring extra equipment like tires since you can use it if you get flat wheels.

2. Make sure to get a good night's sleep. Whether you have chosen a nearby or far destination, it is recommended to take a good rest the night before your trip. Sleep-deprived drivers are prone to road accidents since they might feel tired or sleepy while driving. It is also ideal to have someone whom you can take turns in driving especially when driving to a remote place.

3. Prepare an emergency kit. Whether you are driving alone or with your loved ones, make sure to pack an emergency kit. It may include enough supply of water, flashlights, cables, tools to change a tire and medicine.

4. Avoid bringing heavy equipment. Only bring what's necessary to keep the weight of the car down. If there is heavy equipment that you need to bring, make sure to place it low in the seat wells so it will not become a problem if your vehicle takes a sudden stop.

5. Wear comfortable clothes. If you are exploring one of the places mentioned earlier, it is advisable to wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather. When taking a road trip during summer, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. You can also apply sunblock to protect your skin. Try to bring an umbrella, raincoat, and boots for unexpected weather changes.


As a large country, there are many places to explore in Canada. You can discover its fascinating landscapes in several ways, from camping and hiking to road tripping. When you have time, take a chance to visit the perfect locations mentioned earlier. Going on a road trip with your loved ones is an ideal way to make your weekend very exciting and meaningful.