The History of Mobile Photography

Mobile phones nowadays are a necessity and no longer a luxury when it comes to your needs. They are your number one companion when it comes to your business personal and business needs. In today’s modern era, no one can survive without a mobile phone; they evolve every quite surprising year. Let’s take a closer look at the mobile phone history so we can better understand evolution.


History of Mobile Phones

In the beginning, mobiles phones are just widely used in cars as they are too big to carry around especially in the pockets and purse. They are also created for them to take it while driving. Owning a mobile phone is too expensive as a businessman, and medical practitioners are using this. Despite the phone’s large size, it was still considered the most portable telephone ever made because this is the first one that was ever made without the constraints of cords and wires.

In early 2000 it has shifted its purpose, the talking was added with a feature of voicemail which is also a strategy of talking. Later on, some manufacturers began to realize that they could integrate other technologies into their phone and expand their features. Some smartphones even incorporated the use in the access of e-mails.

In the latter part of the year 2000, the purpose of the cellphone has shifted from verbal communication to a multimedia tool. We are adopting the name of the mobile device rather than being called a cell. Nowadays, it’s been widely used for surfing the web, checking e-mail, taking photos and updating our social media profiles than actually placing or receiving calls.

In this stage, the mobile phone manufacturer also began the innovation of software annually, better screen resolution and constantly improved the interface to make the cellphones easier to use, navigate and fun to use.

As the features of the mobile phone become extensive, they are now replacing gadgets such as camera and video cameras. The resolution of the cameras before is not that good and has a deficient quality. Today it has been replacing the point and shoot cameras which are no longer necessary to carry around.


Features of Mobile Phone/Smartphones

Today, cellphones and mobile phones are called smartphones as they have transformed and evolved differently when it comes to application. From the conception of mobile phones, it changed from a primary device to a multifunctional phone.

Memory. In the early part evolution, mobile phones have limited space; these can only be used in storing numbers and messages. It eventually evolved offering more storage space for videos, photos and application. More and more application nowadays can be stored on a mobile phone.

Internet Connection and Mobile Data. The first mobile phone with an internet connection was introduced in 1996 in Finland. The access then was minimal and expensive. Today, the internet connection of mobile phones can now be access anywhere. Whether its to check e-mails while on the road or to hold a video conferencing when on the other side of the world.

Investing in mobile internet access is now easier as smartphones can issue a notification when new e-mails arrive; it can now be accessed and can be responded immediately. You can also access your e-mails during your unproductive when not using your laptop as this becomes versatile.

Mobile Plans before offers very limited data per month and users mostly rely on WiFi for surfing. Today most of the users are starting to look for a plan that offers most of the data. Many are now offering postpaid plans packed with more data. The speed of mobile data has also evolved as streaming videos are no longer a problem.  

Camera. The smartphones nowadays are now equipped with a camera that is so good that you no longer need a compact camera. The evolution of the mobile phone camera has become easy and very manageable to use. The rise of social media such as Facebook and Instagram are more and more comfortable to use as they can share pictures when and where they have been to.


The History of Mobile Photography

Smartphones have become inseparable in our lives, digital photography is taking the world by storm, and it has now become more special because of the trend it has. The need to have your images be like and shared across the internet has been the growing trend of narcissism.

It was not a long time ago that camera phones have a 2-megapixel snapshot that it has a terrible resolution. There was no easy way to transfer camera photos before, and the phone has to be connected with a computer since the camera and phone was entirely different.

Today, it was effortless to capture and share photos as there are several applications that can support the mobile. Some say that they find it liberating and empowering because of the easy edit and share photos on the go. It will also evolve in the future.


Will Mobile Photography Replace Current Traditional Photography?

On the technical aspect, there are limitations. However, it is up to the photographer based on their use and experience while using the mobile phone. In the early era of photography, pictures are taken more iconic using just a simple device compared to today. Sometimes it depends on how the photographer took the shot and how he uses his skill when it comes to photography.