Tips for Indoor Sports Photography and Videography

When you are a photographer or videographer, you can explore a myriad of genres while improving your skills in taking pictures and videos. Most photography and videography enthusiasts do these things for passion, but these activities could also be excellent sources of income. However, due to the situation, people are experiencing right now, some photographers and videographers are restricted to travel, prohibiting them from doing their jobs. Fortunately, photography and videography can be done both outdoors and indoors. There are tips that you can apply to create impressive images and footage. Learning some techniques can help you, especially if you want to improve your indoor photography and videography skills.

Indoor vs Outdoor Photography


Before you learn some useful tips in indoor photography, it is significant to understand how it differs from taking pictures outside. One of the main factors that differentiate these two activities is the availability of lighting. Many photographers like to shoot outdoors because the sun provides a good source of natural light. But some photography enthusiasts prefer shooting indoors. Indoor photography is capturing images inside a building or a structure. For instance, you may shoot in a coffee shop, museum, or even in the comfort of your home. Since natural light may not be available, you need to use artificial lightings such as bulbs and Christmas lights. The advantage of shooting indoors is you can control the amount of light. 


When it comes to outdoor photography, you can utilize the sun rays as natural lighting. One of the benefits of shooting outdoors is the fantastic opportunities it offers. From an unlimited source of light to unique backgrounds, you can make the most out of outdoor photography. But there is a challenge that you may encounter when shooting outdoors. Having bad weather can make you cancel plans and adjust the shooting schedule. You may adjust to the weather by considering an indoor shoot.

Indoor vs Outdoor Videography


Videography refers to the process of making films. This requires great lighting like photography. Besides lighting, the sound is also a great factor when filming. When taking videos outdoors, you can take advantage of the natural sounds that are ideal if you are making a movie. Shooting indoors provides several benefits. One of the benefits of outdoor filming is it allows you to manipulate background noises. For instance, you can close the doors or windows if you need a quiet scene for the footage.

Tips When Shooting Indoors


Now that you have read how shooting indoors is different from doing it outdoors, it's time to learn some useful tips that you can use to create excellent photos and videos. Whether you are using an action camera or DSLR, you will find these tips beneficial, especially if you are capturing scenes from particular indoor sports.


Indoor Sports Photography


#1 Use the appropriate lens. For typical indoor sports, you may need lenses that have an aperture of f/2.8. You may opt for a 70-200mm f/2.8 if you wish to have a more versatile lens. It is ideal for shooting a basketball, hockey, and other indoor sports.


#2 The ISO should not be too high. Doing so will avoid getting grainy images.


#3 In regards to shutter speed, go below 1/100 for low light conditions. On the other hand, try to maximize the natural light that you can get by opening doors and windows. If there are other sources of light, then use those that are like-coloured.


#4 Off-camera flash is recommended, but make sure to point it to the ceiling. Doing this will make the light bounce. Try to use flash when it is only necessary. You can utilize filters to soften the effects on the subject.


#5 Find the best vantage point. When taking pictures of a sports game, it is essential to find a perfect angle. Try focusing on the athlete's eyes. For instance, if you are photographing a scene from a hockey game, find the ice level, which is referred to as the "deep corner position." When it comes to basketball games, being on the floor halfway between the side court is recommended. 


#6 Probably, you may need pictures of the athletes. You may need a tripod to stabilize the pictures.


Indoor Sports Videography


#1 Plan your shoot, especially when filming a sports game. You must know what scenes should be featured. Don't forget to film the usual highlights of the game.


#2 Ask for a shot list. For sure, your client would like to have the best shots. It is essential to ask what scenes should be prioritized so that you will never miss any important detail in the game.


#3 Instead of shooting vertically, take videos in landscape mode. Turn on the overlay grid so that you can have a guide when filming.


#4 Observe the proper camera placement. Your camera equipment must be placed in an angle that has a relative distance from the subject. Use a tripod to stabilize the footage.


#5 Use the right accessories. If you are filming your own sports adventure, an action camera is recommended to provide you with an ideal perspective. Use accessories like gimbals or straps to stabilize the videos. For instance, you can use a headgear if you are skateboarding or skiing inside a building. You may attach the action cam to the bicycle handlebar if you are biking.


As a photographer and videographer, being restricted to travel is one of the challenges that you may encounter. It can cancel your plans and reschedule some appointments. If you do the activities for a living, then you may consider shooting indoors. Try to look for clients that will not require you to go outside. There are many opportunities out there. While staying at home, you can watch tutorial videos and read articles on how you can improve your photography and videography skills.