Top 9 Free Video Editing Software

Travel vlogs are highly popular nowadays, especially to millennials. Before, they only shared their experiences through pictures and writing. These days, it is a whole new game. Documenting your trips and sharing it on social media platforms has been a significant trend. It makes the viewers partly experience the adventures of the uploader. Most of these travel vloggers bring their action cameras along with their journey. Using this device gives a different perspective on their travel adventures. Aside from using cameras, being knowledgeable in video editing will also be a great help.


Video Editing Software to Consider


Editing your videos is like intricately putting your photographs in a meaningful photo album. You arrange them in a way that you want them to be remembered. You show them to people and share what you have experienced. There will come a time that memories will start to fade, and what will be left are the photos and videos you took during those times. To help you create long-lasting memories, here are some of the video editing software to consider:


#1 VideoPad


Editing your first video will be challenging, especially if you are using an advanced editor. It is better to learn the basics with a user-friendly editor like VideoPad. It offers an interface with two displays, one for the clip and another for the sequence, which is very useful in video editing. Although it lacks advanced editing tools, the features that come with it are enough to directly produce the first video to upload to social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube.


#2 iMovie


If you are a Mac user, the Mac OS comes with a free video editor called iMovie. It is known for being the editor used by many YouTubers because of its simple editing features. With its access to cloud storage, you can switch from your iPhone, iPad and Mac when editing. You can choose from different title animations, transitions and video filters that can make your video more interesting.


#3 OpenShot


Another editor that is ideal for beginners is OpenShot. With its drag and drop functionality, it will be easy for users to add or remove files on their timeline. Navigating will not be a big problem since it has a minimalist interface. It offers a simultaneous preview to monitor the changes you make on your project closely. It has more editing features compared to other essential video editing software.


#4 Blender


Aside from video footage, you can also add other elements to your video. Adding 3D animations can make it look cooler. Blender was created for rendering 3D animations, but it is also equipped with a video editor. It can perform basic video editing and has some advanced tools. Given that its main focus is 3D animations, there are limited resources on maximizing the use of the video editor.


#5 Lightworks


Multiple camera setup requires more precise editing. You will be dealing with the same videos from different angles. Lightworks will be of great help in syncing those clips for you. It can save you more time and prevent you from creating mistakes. Aside from that, Lightworks has a trimming tool with high-accuracy that is convenient for smooth editing.


#6 Shotcut


Aside from video editing tools, Shotcut provides filters that can enhance your audio. A video with great audio is something worth watching. Moreover, there will be no issues with the video file formats because the software supports most of it. At first, Shotcut was created for Linux, but it is now available for Windows and Mac. There may be some confusion with the interface, but it doesn't lessen that it is a good editor.




Colour correction is one of the things that helps you produce a high-quality looking video. It is not common for a free video editor to have this kind of feature. Although it is only available on Windows, VSDC offers powerful editing tools like colour correction and chroma key compositing. Imagine what it can provide with the paid version if the free version is already packed with professional means.


#8 HitFilm Express


It will not be challenging to achieve that film-look with HitFIlm Express. Most professionals use this software because of the variety of advanced tools. It may take some time for beginners to learn about the software, but it will be advantageous. It is one of the most comprehensive editors with all of its features, including 3D animations. The only thing that HitFilm Express will ask you to do to avail of their free software is to share it on social media. Not a big favour to ask in exchange for a powerful editor. 


#9 DaVinci Resolve


Known as the free version of the DaVinci Resolve Studio, DaVinci Resolve is the most advanced free video editing software. It is widely used in the video-making industry. It is packed with professional tools with colour grading as one of its main features. Other features include trimming tools, Multicam editing and Fairlight audio functionality. It is everything you need for a well-produced video.


When choosing a video editor, it is essential to identify what your needs are. Do you need an advanced editor? Or you need something that can do the job? For example, using an advanced editor for simple tasks will not be helpful. You might find yourself spending more time figuring out how the editor works than actually editing your clips. Using an advanced editor doesn't necessarily mean that you will have better outputs. Video editing may sound more intimidating compared to photo editing, but they deliver the same results. It is the satisfaction you get with the final production.