Wedding Photography: Tips To Make Your Photos Stand Out

A wedding is one of the most memorable occasions in someone’s life. One way to make the event more meaningful is to capture the best photos on that big day. It’s important to save those fantastic moments as well as the laughter, lovely stares, and all emotions experienced on that day.


Cherishing Your Wedding Moments With The Best Captures

A couple’s wedding is a precious moment shared with their loved ones and friends. It’s important to take amazing photos to make them reminisce the memories of that very special day. Capturing all the emotions experienced through the wedding is crucial as these are the essence of taking beautiful and memorable photographs during this day. The following are helpful tips on how to take stunning wedding photos:


#1 Check your camera. To capture great photos, first, you should check all your gadgets. All tools, especially your camera, must be working correctly. Ensure that you all have the needed accessories and backups for lights, lenses, and another camera. 

#2 Ask for help. Your equipment and other accessories may be too heavy to carry. A helping hand is needed in wedding photography. You also need someone to assist in managing the light, taking the test shots, and capturing the scenes you are missing.

#3 Experiment for the best lighting. Lighting is one of the primary critical factors in coming up with great photos, and that applies to all variations of photography. Without proper lighting for your subject, you will not be able to come up with an outstanding shot. Every photographer – amateur or expert-, has their own approach in applying lighting, and understand how the different techniques can be used to enhance the photos. There is beauty in learning to manipulate the lighting in every photo shoot. It is an effective way of creating dramatic, enticing, and amazing photographs.

#4 Learn to frame. Some photographers seem to be well-rounded when it comes to framing. However, this is a skill that often needs to be honed and developed. This is very common, especially if you haven’t had so much experience in photography. When it comes to taking pictures during the wedding, be extra cautious in posing the subject. Check the frame first, and then press the camera’s shutter.

This is to make sure that there is nothing that will negatively affect the photo's overall quality. For instance, you might have gotten a perfect shot, with the correct exposure, lighting, and very genuine emotions from the people in the photo. Then suddenly you look at the photo and see that twigs and tree branches are covering someone’s face or the photo cuts someone else awkwardly. That could be a missed opportunity of getting an amazing shot and this can often become a very frustrating experience; so make sure to be observant and careful in checking every single element, the focus, and the framing before taking the photo.

#5 Bring the correct and enough accessories. When you are hired to take photos in a wedding or any event, not being 100% prepared for the job is not acceptable. Go to the event well-prepared with gears and willingness to do the job. Always bring extra memory cards and batteries. Of course, create a backup of your photos on your laptop or some other storage, so you still have copies even if you encounter data loss.

#6 Pre-plan the wedding shoot. A pre-planning shoot is also helpful to capture amazing photographs. Look for beautiful spots in the location of the event before the wedding day. You can take some extra shots of the bride and groom in several locations nearby. That way,  there will be a wide range of variations -of locations, poses, emotions, backgrounds- when the couple is presented with their video or album of their wedding photos.

During the photoshoot, you will be instructing the couples to do some poses. It will be more productive and helpful if you can show some posing samples to the couple. Let them choose the poses they like or the ones that they are comfortable with. Most importantly, be patient with the newlyweds. They may be overwhelmed with emotions, so try some ways to make them feel comfortable during the photoshoot.

#7 Capture the firsts. As a photographer, you are familiar with which best angles and moments to capture are on memorable events such as weddings. Of course, the significant moments you should capture include first dance, first kiss, first stare, and other ‘firsts’ during the event.

That means you need to be attentive during the special moments because, during the wedding, everything can happen at a fast pace. To achieve that, planning must be done so you can capture the shots well at the right time and order.

For instance, you need to check the entry of the church or garden where the wedding will happen. You can take some insights and ideas on how and where you can position yourself to capture the best shots. Another consideration to think is to set your camera on the right shutter speed to be able to capture multiple photos.  

#8 Capture the reactions. One of the most exciting subjects in wedding photography is the reaction from the guests and relatives. Their smiles, amazement, and tears are fantastic parts of the event and should be captured by your camera.

You or your assistant can work on capturing the guests’ reactions while one of you can focus on the couple.

#9 Take Photos of the guests as well. The guests present at the venue would love to be included in some photos with the couple and some on their own. These are people who are important to the couple, such as family, friends, neighbours, or colleagues who are there to witness the very important event. A photographer should also try to capture their emotions during the wedding.   

Learn the entourage by discussing with the couple those who are on the list. As a photographer, you should also create great portraits of them. Moreover, don’t forget to make them feel comfortable during the shoot.

#10 Take photos in groups. The couple’s friends understandably want to have a photo opportunity with them during their big day. It’s better to shoot in groups, so you can have enough time to capture photos with the other guests. Let their friends focus on the camera lens so they don’t look to another direction or so they don’t appear blurred out. Take extra shots, as always. 

#11 Look for smiles and make sure to capture them. Smiles captured are often the hidden treasure in every photography session. Smiles can tell a thousand stories. Take for instance a kid smiling, a happy expression from members of the entourage or a smile from the happy and proud parents. All these can bring a lot of feelings and reminisce even after the wedding.

Remember as well, that emotions and feelings are not planned in every event. Yes, they can be expected, but some feelings are impromptu. And more often, those can be great captures. Look for the rare and original emotions, capture them, and for sure, the couple will adore them.

#12 Get inspiration from online sources. Online publications and social media accounts can be excellent sources of inspiration for your shots and photo styles. You can find how the trends in wedding photography are evolving and improving. There can be styles which are minimalist, creative, retro, and sophisticated. Of course, you should not forget your style and creativity, use it appropriately and as long as the wedding couple feels comfortable. 


A wedding is said to be one of the most memorable parts of someone’s life, where memories are shared with the people closest to the couple’s heart. Saving those memories through captured photos will make the wedding day special forever.