Wedding Photoshoot Locations in New Brunswick

Couples who are planning to get married this year may find it challenging to find beautiful photoshoot locations. Even some photographers take much time to search for romantic sites. If you are living in New Brunswick or a nearby area, you don't have to explore too far because this province offers many beautiful places for a wedding photoshoot.

One of the best things about New Brunswick is the availability of different attractions which you can use for your photography needs. Whether you need a natural setting or an urban site, the province offers a variety of photoshoot locations. From provincial parks to stunning beaches and rivers, New Brunswick is home to many breathtaking sites.


Where to Do Romantic Photoshoots

Both locals and tourists admire New Brunswick because of the province's striking beauty and heart-warming community. Some couples find these things enough reason to explore New Brunswick. Whatever the season is, you can discover many excellent places that you can use as wedding photoshoot destinations. To help you, here are some of New Brunswick's astounding places:

1. The city of Saint John - If you want an urban setting for your wedding photography needs, then the City of Saint John could be your best choice. It showcases a vibrant and historic city, attracting many visitors every year. Since Saint John is recognized as Canada's oldest incorporated city, you may find some unique and interesting architectures which can serve as photography backgrounds. Architecture photographers consider the city when it comes to taking vintage structures. As the sun sets in the afternoon, you can be more creative with the photoshoot by highlighting the ships that dock at the harbour. You may also visit the Market Square and have a vibrant city experience by dining in the place's accommodating restaurants.

2. Fundy National Park - If you want to create long-lasting memories featuring New Brunswick's authentic beauty, then consider Fundy National Park. Among all the attractions in the province, this park is one of the top-rated destinations. It is a coastal wonderland created in 1948. Fundy National Park is home to several campgrounds where you can spend your leisure time. There are many activities that you can do in the park, from canoeing to swimming. For photography sessions, you may want to visit the natural attractions located along the Bay of Fundy coasts such as Cape Enrage, the Fundy Trail Parkway, and The Hopewell Rocks. There are also waterfalls situated in Fundy Natural Park. It could be a perfect background setting for your wedding photoshoot.

3. Grand Manan Island - Grand Manan Island is an epitome of a scenic landscape. It offers a majestic view of the Bay of Fundy. Visiting the place allows you to get up close with puffins and other marine wildlife. Not only that, but there are also migrating birds that you can find in the area. The humble fishing villages in Grand Manan Island could be enough reason for you to come back again to the place. For wedding photography sessions, try to feature the island's dramatic coastal areas, which become more spectacular during the golden hour. 

Taking a ferry from Grand Manan also gives you an opportunity to see the iconic lighthouse. You may head to the striking rocky shore and perform the romantic photoshoot there. If you have spare time to revisit Grand Manan Island, take time to enjoy some leisure activities, including camping, coastal hiking, kayaking, and even stargazing.

4. Howland Falls - There is something about waterfalls that could make any photograph astounding. Just seeing the gushing waters can give a majestic effect to the images. If you want scenes like this for your wedding pictures, then you may head to Howland Falls. To access the site, you have to drive one kilometre up the Scotch Lake Road in Bear Island. You may set the camera equipment and prepare for a lovely wedding photoshoot. Don't forget to feature the 11-metre high tiered waterfall, which will provide you with a photogenic scene. Once done with the shoot, you may use an action cam and document your water adventures. Go swimming in the pretty deep pool, which you can find at the base of the falls.

5. Kouchibouguac National Park - Another beautiful destination in New Brunswick is the Kouchibouguac National Park. It is situated in the eastern part of the province along the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This park is an excellent location for a rustic wedding theme. The forested areas can give some enchanting vibes to the photographs. Not only that, but Kouchibouguac National Park also features stunning beaches, barrier islands, and abundant wildlife. This location is also ideal for wildlife photography because of its abundant natural resources. You may spot a variety of bird species, black bears, coyotes, moose, seals, and a lot more.

6. Town of St. George - For more prime destinations, you may explore the Town of St. George. The place has a rich history and beautiful countryside that features amazing views of the Bay of Fundy. When you visit this town, try to engage in thrilling adventures such as cycling, hiking, horseback riding, and whale watching. The photographers may take photos as you enjoy the exciting activities. Doing so allows the photographers to capture your genuine emotions while delighting in the said adventures. Perform more photoshoots in the waterfront of the available beaches featuring the beautiful horizon and sunset. 

The Town of St. George is not only an ideal wedding photoshoot location but is also a must-visit vacation destination. During summer, it offers land and aquatic adventures such as fishing and scuba diving. In wintertime, the place becomes a winter wonderland. You will surely enjoy cross-country skiing and snowmobiling in this peaceful town. Try to explore the covered bridges where you can behold a spectacular sight of the town.


New Brunswick is one of the Canadian provinces that offer fantastic sceneries. Take an opportunity to explore this region and create a lot of exciting memories with your partner. From engaging in romantic photography to trying thrilling activities, New Brunswick will surely captivate the heart of both couples and photographers.