Where to Do Lake Engagement Sessions in Manitoba

Manitoba is a prairie province in Canada that lies in between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. Although two-fifths of the province's land encompasses forested areas, Manitoba is still known for having more than 100,000 lakes. Lake Winnipeg is considered as one of the world's largest inland bodies of freshwater. Besides this natural wonder, there are plenty of lake destinations that you can explore across Manitoba. The province offers many breathtaking lake venues, especially if you are considering having a lake engagement session.


Astounding Lake Destinations in Manitoba

Performing an engagement session is one of the things that most couples look forward to. It is a kind of preparation for their wedding. Some couples want it to be intimate and private; that's why they look for places where there is less crowd. Finding an ideal site could be challenging for some, but here in Manitoba, you have a lot of spectacular locations to choose from. If you are searching for a natural setting where you can enjoy the serenity of the place, then you may want to consider having an engagement session in Manitoba's stunning lakes. These places will both give you the tranquillity you need and perfect background settings. You might be overwhelmed with the available lake destinations you can find in the province, so here's a list of fascinating sites to explore:

1. Clear Lake - If you are searching for photogenic spots in Manitoba, then try heading to Clear Lake. This lake is located in Riding Mountain National Park that also takes pride in its striking beauty. For the romantic photoshoot, you may want to do it on Highway 19 or Highway 10. Taking these routes can provide you with stunning views which are suitable for photography backgrounds. Once done with the engagement session, you may want to spend your time exploring the natural beauty of the location. You may follow some beginner-friendly trails and hike in Clear Lake Country. You may also indulge in wildlife viewing and try to spot as many animals as you can. For more extreme adventures, prepare your action cam and go canoeing, kayaking, or water skiing. If your engagement session happens in wintertime, then you may take pleasure in skating and snowshoeing.

2. Lake Manitoba - Recognized as the third largest lake in the province, Lake Manitoba measures 4,624 square kilometres and has a maximum depth of seven metres. The lake has an interesting local legend of a monster which is named Manipogo. Although there are a few people who reported sightings of this monster, people should not worry about it since there is no scientific evidence to prove the claims. Couples can still consider Lake Manitoba and appreciate its authentic beauty. There are available picnic zones in the lake where you can conduct the photo shoot. For more dramatic scenes, wait for the sunset in the afternoon. With sunsets, you can see a variety of colours in the sky, making the photographs more alluring. You can also maximize your visit to Lake Manitoba by waiting for the blue hour - the time after the sunset. Create interesting silhouettes while featuring Lake Manitoba's panoramic scenes.

3. Lake Winnipeg - With all the available lakes in Manitoba, you may want to consider Lake Winnipeg because of its popularity. Not only is it an accessible lake in the province, but it also takes pride in its captivating wonders. Although Lake Winnipeg has a surface area of 24,387 square kilometres, its depth only measures 12 metres. For the photoshoot, you may want to feature Lake Winnipeg's beautiful scenes, including the boreal forests, limestone cliffs, and even sandy beaches. For some adventurous vibes in your photographs, you may explore the bat caves located in Lake Winnipeg. Don't forget to mount an action cam on your headgear to document the happenings inside the bat cave. You don't have to worry about the darkness because some action cams have night vision. You may also engage in some watercraft activities like boating and fishing after the engagement session.

4. Lake Winnipegosis - Another vast lake that is located in Manitoba is Lake Winnipegosis. It has a total area of 5, 374 square kilometres. Like Lake Winnipeg, it also measures 12 metres deep. Since the lake is relatively shallow, it would be easier to go fishing and perform other water recreation. Lake Winnipegosis is also a popular lake destination since it is hailed as the 11th largest lake in Canada. It is also where you can find Birch Island Provincial Park. The park was created in 2010, encompassing many small islands and reefs. These areas serve as the natural habitat of many colonial birds. For the engagement session, try to do the photoshoot in one of the small islands of the provincial park. Explore the lake by following some of its friendly trails. Doing so allows you to show your adventurous side while creating unforgettable moments with your partner.

5. Little Limestone Lake - One of the most beautiful lakes that lie in Northern Manitoba is Little Limestone Lake. It is admired for its colour-changing feature. Little Limestone Lake is rich in calcium carbonate, which is responsible for the lake's colour. When the water is warm, the marl forms into calcite, separating into the water. This process creates crystals which are responsible for the turquoise hue. Photographers can take this opportunity to feature it in the photographs. The amazing colour of the lake, together with the striking scene of the place, could be enough to make alluring photographs.


If you find it challenging to look for a beautiful destination in engagement photography, then consider Manitoba's lakes on your list. These scenic natural wonders will surely satisfy your photography needs. From relaxing vibes to alluring panoramas, Manitoba has a lot to offer for both couples and photographers. Try to visit Manitoba and delight yourself with its awe-inspiring scenes.