Where to Go Paragliding in Canada

The Great White North is famous for its astounding landscapes. These places attract thousands of both local and international visitors. If you are up for an adventure, Canada can provide you with a list of exciting activities that will surely give you a thrilling experience. From skydiving to surfing, the country is home to many excellent locations for extreme adventures. If you are planning for your next trip within the country, you should not miss paragliding. It is because you'll discover lots of places in Canada perfect for this thrilling adventure.


Paragliding: An Overview


Some people commonly confuse paragliding with skydiving. Although they both happen in the sky and require jumping from an aircraft, they have a difference. To give you a better understanding, know that paragliding is a recreational sport. It requires jumping from a cliff or slope using a modified parachute. In other words, you don’t always need to ride an aircraft before you can go paragliding. Unlike skydiving, paragliding allows you to travel along with a horizontal distance before you reach the ground.


Before you start your paragliding adventure in Canada, you may consider the following tips:


  • If you are a beginner, try booking a tandem flight to understand more what this recreational sport is. Do this several times until you can do it by yourself.
  • You may sign up for a paragliding course if you think this sport is for you. Who knows, it can be your hobby too!
  • Try joining a paragliding club. Doing so can make your adventure more memorable. You can also invite your friends and loved ones to join this exciting sport.


Best Canadian Spots to Go Paragliding


Now that you understand what paragliding is, it's time to explore the country and experience the thrilling sport. But the question is, "Where should you start?" It is indeed quite challenging to look for a place where you can go paragliding, especially if you never tried it yet. To give you a hint where you can first experience this exciting adventure, you may consider the following Canadian spots:


#1 Dawson Dome


If you search across the internet to go paragliding, one place that will surely be included in the list is Dawson Dome. It is recognized as one of the most exquisite escapades in the Yukon province. Sometimes, it is dubbed as the "Land of the Midnight Sun." Paragliding in this excellent location offers you a great view of the Bonanza Creek, Klondike Valley, and Yukon River. If it is your first time to do the thrilling activity, make sure to be accompanied by an experienced paragliding driver.


#2 Haines Junction Paint Mountain


Another ideal paragliding destination is Paint Mountain. It is situated in the north of Haines Junction. It takes pride in its 1,284 meter-altitude, making it an excellent spot for recreational sports. You may either walk on the trail or ride a helicopter to reach the top. The location also offers two launch options. One way is the unkempt clearing of the old tramway line while the other one is through the natural grass located on the southwestern side.


#3 Klondike


You have probably seen some magazines featuring Klondike. Besides the beautiful surroundings you can see, the location is also ideal for paragliding. But before you do the adventure, you may delight yourself in a picnic first since this Canadian spot offers a kitchen shelter, fireplace, and picnic tables. After taking a good rest, you may head past the Interpretive Centre and follow the dirt road. Prepare for an excellent paragliding experience in Klondike.


#4 Mont-Sainte-Anne


Monte-Sainte-Anne is a popular ski destination in the winter. But during this summer season, many adventurers visit the place to create a paragliding adventure. It is ideal for this exciting recreation because the site is located in a marvellous area. For novice paragliders, you may enroll in Aerostyle, a paragliding school. They can help you reach the top of Mont-Sainte-Anne through a gondola. 


Prepare your action cam so that you will not miss the breathtaking view of the Canadian landscapes. You will have an overwhelming feeling of flying while beholding the spectacular view of the St. Lawrence River. Besides the astounding river, you'll also have a chance to witness the authentic beauty of the Côte-de-Beaupré and the Laurentian's.


#5 Mount Prevost


For a majestic view, you may consider Mount Prevost as your paragliding destination this year. It is located on the western side of Trans Canada Highway 1. You'll discover a short walk up a gravel path from the area, which is the starting point. You may glide into the Cowichan Valley, which serves as the landing place of hang gliders and paragliders. This region is where you can take a rest after doing recreational sports. You'll also be fascinated with the magical view of the ravens flying from off the rock surface.


#6 Pemberton


Pemberton is another excellent location for paragliders. It is because the valley is surrounded by majestic peaks on the coast of British Columbia. This place has become a famous attraction because of the astonishing alpine scenery. For beginners, you may find instructors from the Sea to Sky Paragliding. They can teach you the proper ways on how to do the right paragliding. Besides, they can also give you some advice when doing the activity.


Canada is a popular destination for wanderers and adventurers. Whether you like to hike on the country's majestic mountains or surf the tidal waves, you will surely be overwhelmed with plenty of available options. When it comes to paragliding, Canada can also offer you with many breathtaking locations. So if you are planning for your next trip, don't forget to pack all the must-haves you need for the adventure. Bring an action cam with you so that you can document your journey. Not only that, but it allows you to relive your paragliding experience over and over again.