10 Best Spots in Canada for Landscape Photography

The Canadian landscapes are a dream for every photographer. There are numerous glaciers, waterfalls, mountains, and other kinds of landscapes that could enchant any photographer. As the world's second-biggest country, it only follows that Canada has many picturesque places to offer. 

While the Rocky Mountains and Niagara Falls top the list, Canada has to offer a lot more places. So prepare your lists and itinerary. We've gathered the ten best spots in Canada for landscape photography.


Ten Beautiful Spots in Canada for Landscape Photography

#1 Emerald Lake

Whether you come in summer or winter at Emerald Lake, you will be nothing short of amazed at the vista it presents. Emerald Lake is the largest lake of the Yoho National Park and boasts a clear, green lake — hence, its name.

In summer, you can enjoy a leisurely photo-walk along the banks of the lake. You could also bring along your trusty action camera for a hike or spin on one of their canoes. 

But what will truly take your breath away is going snowshoeing in winter. Capture the splendid beauty of the frozen Emerald Lake while the snow cloaks the entire forest and mountains.


#2 Mount Assiniboine

Mount Assiniboine is real life's version of the mystical fictional world, Narnia. Its pyramidal peak reminiscent of the Swiss Alps makes it all the more captivating, especially for photographers.

You'll have to either hike through the Canadian Rockies from Banff or Canmore to get to Mount Assiniboine. If you want to get there quicker, you can take a helicopter. 

Either way, think of the fantastic photos you can take as you traverse through the lush Canadian forests. Prepare to capture the beauty of the trail or the dense forest from above.

#3 Castle Mountain

If you are left wanting after your photography adventure at Mount Assiniboine, you can check out another nearby picturesque mountain. Located in Banff National Park, Castle Mountain is a popular spot to hike, kayak, snowboard, and ski all year round.

Castle Mountain got its name from the castle-like appearance that came from years of erosion and sedimentation. In addition to all the previous high-intensity activities mentioned earlier, you could also rock climb through the formations that abound in the mountain. So prepare your photography gear and be ready to capture the beauty of the wild outdoors in stunning 4K.

#4 Abraham Lake

Many gorgeous lakes are found throughout the vast landscape of Canada. But what makes Abraham Lake unique is the amazing winter phenomena where you could see bubbles frozen in animation beneath the icy lake.

From December to February, Abraham Lake freezes over, and the decomposing vegetation beneath the lake waters gives off methane bubbles that freeze in the sub-zero temperature. The view is simply begging for a snap of your camera in dazzling clarity!

Pro tip: Try to capture the beauty of the frozen lake during sunrise and sunset and be enamoured by the colours playing through your camera.

#5 Sunwapta Falls

The gorgeous Sunwapta Falls is every photographer's dream landscape. The merging of two rivers cascading into one magical drop-off is picture-perfect.

Hike through Jasper National Park and go by Icefields Parkway to get to the majestic falls. Early mornings when the fog is down and the light is soft is the best time to capture the beauty of this magnificent landscape. Play with your camera settings and make sure you catch the beauty of Sunwapta Fall in 4k clarity.

#6 Yellowknife

Our list would not be complete without the famous Yellowknife. Located on the northern shore of the Great Slaves Lake, Yellowknife is renowned for the elusive Northern Lights. 

No self-respecting photographer would want to miss out on such a magical and rare sight. Make sure your camera is fitted with an extremely wide-angle lens to capture the colourful lights in their full glory perfectly.  

#7 Teapot Rock in Prince Edward Island

The Teapot Rock in Prince Edward Island is one of the most photographed rock formations in the world. You can find it on the northern coast of Canada's smallest province, Abegweit. 

Make sure to visit Thundercove during low tide so you can get gorgeous views of the Teapot Rock from the beach and from above. Aside from the Teapot Rock, several caves and rock formations populate the beach, so make sure you have all your gear  ready and on the go.

#8 Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake is another captivating landscape in Banff. Glaciers from the mountains feed the lake itself. Adorning the background is the gorgeous Valley of the Ten Peaks. 

Aside from the lake itself, the area is famous for its hiking trails that offer the most breathtaking forest landscape your camera would love. Capture the beauty of the wild outdoors through a powerful yet handy 4k camera. It wouldn't get in the way of your hike, but you could rest easy knowing it will get all the glorious details of the journey.

#9 Torngat Mountains

The Torngat Mountains in the east of Canada Rockies are considered the highest mountains of the region. The landscape features rugged trails and peaks that slope down to the coastline.

Strap your trusty 4k camera on your person as you traverse this challenging hike trail. We're sure the photos you'll take will be breathtaking.

#10 The Bear's Hump

If you want to capture Canada's most stunning national parks, then opt to pay a visit to Waterton Lakes. It's time to go for a hike to Canada's Bear Hump. Its panoramic view includes Mount Cleveland, Waterton Valley, and Middle and Lower Waterton. The Bear's Hump is also famous for the name "where the mountains meet the prairies."

Whether you're an amateur or already experienced photographer, your aim will always be to capture unique and high-quality photographs. Canada has a lot of breathtaking landscapes that are simply begging to be snapped by your trusty lens. Whether you want to capture the beauty of the wild outdoors through hikes, over frozen lakes, or frosty mountaintops, make sure you have the complete photography gear.

Travelling to these gorgeous parts of Canada brings out the need to capture these landscapes in the best way possible. Supplement your photography skills by reading through our article on creative ideas to improve your travel photography.