10 Still Life Photography Ideas to Try

Still life photography refers to a genre of photography used to depict an inanimate group of objects as a subject. It is considered as the application of photography to still life in an artistic style.


"Every subject of every still life photo has some sort of appealing feature. It might be the shape, or possibly it’s colour. Sometimes it is the object's function, its texture and so forth. There is something interesting. As an artist, it is your job to figure out what that something is. Or, if you just can't find an intrinsic "interest factor," you need to create one with lighting or positioning and so on. Of course, the goal is to do both", stated Picture Correct in one of its articles.


Pixpa.com mentioned in one of its blog posts:

"Still life photos are one of the foundational skills that photographers should learn to master. As you will see, it translates into many other areas of photography. Still lifes give photographers complete control, which allows them time to practice until they get it right. They can start with a vision and work with the technology and set up until their vision is realized. Many other types of photography require the skills, but few offer the "do-over" opportunities that still life compositions do."

Still life photography is one of the most favourite genres of amateur photographers. However, aside from having a great subject, choosing the best camera to be used is also important. This is to ensure getting high-quality photos.


Top Still Life Photography Ideas You Can Try (You'll be amazed by the results!)

Every new photographer aims to produce enticing and high-quality images. To achieve that, finding an ideal subject would be one of the most

critical steps. So, here are some excellent ideas that you can have for your still life photography project:


#1 Foods

Foods are the most often still life subject ideas. They seem to be conversational, as they effectively tell the story behind each picture. However, you need to be creative in depicting the message you want to convey with the photos taken in the frame. Yes, you can have it messy but mess it up with creative insights. For instance, spreading some flour on the table with a plate of cupcakes can be turned into a creative drama. You can take photos of foods at home, but you can also try looking for photo opportunities in the grocery stores and food markets. The ideas on portraying foods effectively are boundless. And since your imagination is limitless, you will definitely create a stunning still life photo with any food you've chosen.


#2 Art Materials, Post-it Notes, and Stationaries

Turn craft materials into a stunning masterpiece. The items you usually use, such as colouring pencils, stationeries, coloured papers, post-it notes, drawing materials, and others, can create interesting still life images. Again, it's your imagination and creativity that will help to achieve that.

Art materials are often colourful, plus, most of them are geometric in shapes.

You can definitely arrange them to create an interesting story using a still life photo.


#3 Vintage Items

There is always something special about vintage items. They are not only memorable, but they also give a big amount of aesthetic value. How much more if that beauty can be turned into photos by using your photography skills and creativity?

If you're still looking for an amazing subject for your still life photography, then it is time to look for vintage items in your home. How about antique furniture in the living room? Or an antique clock in the bedroom. You can also try looking for items in the basement or the backyard. An antique car or bicycle could definitely turn into a fantastic photography masterpiece. Be ready to capture the object and let the feeling of nostalgia come to the viewer's senses. They will absolutely love it!


#4 Jewelry

Sparkling and intricately-designed pieces of jewelry are also a perfect subject for still-life photography. You can capture the story behind the creatively-arranged earrings, necklaces, rings, watches, and bracelets in a frame. You can add a special backdrop and some beautiful props to make the photo more eye-catching.


#5 Garden Tools and Equipment

Not all still life photography needs a subject that is pretty and delicate. You can also use utility items such as tools and equipment that you use at home. Take, for instance, the things you use in gardening. They may seem bulky and not delicate, but they can be a perfect subject for still life images. Arrange them in a way that a fantastic story can be revealed.


#6 Nature

Take a look outside, and you can definitely find many things that Nature offers as a subject for still life photography. Dried leaves with different colours and shapes can be turned into a still life image. Even twigs and branches can tell a statement when captured into photos. You can also be creative with pine cones, seeds, pollens, feathers, and dried flowers.

But once you've got the hang of photographing inanimate subjects, you could also venture outdoors to find still life subjects in Nature.


#7 Toys

Like the famous movie "Toy Story," you can also create a compelling masterpiece with the toys you can find in your home. You can have them in your frame while they are playing, fighting, or taking a journey. Add some props to come up with a more realistic story with the toys available.


#8 Make-Up and Accessories

A concept with make-up and accessories could also be an excellent idea. Using cosmetics in photography is actually one of the hottest trends today. The main goal is to showcase the subject colourfully and more positively.

Furthermore, it lets a photographer create a stunning composition. You can have frames, borders, and backgrounds with diagonal, horizontal, and vertical lines – all ending in an attractive still life image.


#9 Earphone and Earbuds

Use your creative side to create gorgeous still life images with earbuds and earphones you have at home. Have them coiled or arranged in symmetry; all you have to do is have them appear pleasing and exciting.


#10 Dishes

Arrange your dishes into the frame. Let your plates and cutlery evoke a stunning arrangement to be captured into a still life photo. Dishes come in different styles, sizes, textures, and colours. With all that, they will surely make a great still life photography subject.


Still life photography is a genre that can be both challenging and fun. Nothing to worry about searching for the best subject that you will have. Take a look at the items you see and use every day. Then, think about how you can creatively capture and turn them into a mesmerizing story through still life photography.