13 Inexpensive Props Every Photographer Should Have

There are many different ways on how you can improve your photographs. From using an ideal background to utilizing significant props, you have several options to become more creative when taking pictures. In addition, there are countless decors that you could use to transform a simple photography setting to an interesting one. There are beautiful items that you can find in your home or purchase at a low price. You can even create some DIY props to make your photographs aesthetically-appealing.


Inexpensive Photography Accessories

If you want to add amazing items in your prop collection, then have a look at the following list of affordable props:

1. Balloons - Balloons are an excellent addition to your accessories no matter what the occasion is. You can use them for birthdays, weddings, and other significant events. From single colours to multi-coloured balloons, you can select anything as long as they will match the theme. 

2. Bubbles - Using bubbles in your photoshoot can add fun to your photographs. It is also an ideal prop when shooting with kids. Making use of bubbles or a bubble gun can entertain the subject, helping you to capture genuine smiles. Besides, this prop is affordable, and you can purchase it from kids' stores. Another good thing about bubbles is that they can be used on several kinds of occasions. 

3. Camera - You can add a camera to your photography setting to create striking pictures. Let your subject hold it and act like he/she is capturing something or add it to your flat lay. Cameras are also excellent props for a vintage setting. So if you have a camera, be it a DSLR or action camera, try to include it in your set-up.

4. Chalkboard - One of the most versatile props that you can have is a chalkboard. You can use this item on any occasion such as birthdays, christening, engagements, and weddings. Try to write a meaningful message to the chalkboard such as family names, wedding date, and the like. You can also ask the photography subject to think of anything that he/she would like to write on the board. Most of the time, they write deep messages to the board, which can make your pictures more fascinating.

5. Colourful Garlands - You can make use of garlands to instill festive vibes in your photograph. These items are perfect for any celebration. Just make sure to hang them correctly to create an appealing background.

6. Crystal Ball - If you want to level up your photographs, then adding a crystal ball would be an amazing idea. The exciting thing about crystal ball is it inverts the photo, meaning everything that you can see in the crystal ball is upside down. It also works as a magnifying glass.

7. Fairy Lights - Fairy string lights are one of the photography props that you can use to play with lights in your photographs. When using them, make sure to use low lighting conditions. It is needed to light up your subject's face. To make it easier when using fairy light, try to bring a tripod because it will help you capture sharper images.

8. Flowers - Flowers are one of the ideal props for both children and adults. They are simple but can add elegance to your photographs. Flowers can also provide a light mood and spring vibes to your photography setting. Try to place them in jars or a basket.

9. Glitters - Like bubbles, glitters are also fun props to use. Glitters can even entertain kids, which gives you the advantage of capturing their real emotions. Glitters can be bought at an affordable price. Try to pick a glitter colour that matches the subject's clothes or something that can suit the photography theme.

10. Paper Bunting Flags - Other than garlands, you can buy or create bunting flags out of paper. These decors are a great addition to your props collection because they can be used to form a stunning background. What’s good about creating paper bunting flags is you have the freedom to cut out different patterns and pick from a variety of colours.

11. Picture Frame - Having a large picture frame is another inexpensive and exciting props. Boost your creativity by using this versatile decor. You can ask your subjects to make a variety of poses, from formal to wacky. Ask them to make funny faces and capture your subject while they are having fun.

12. Scrabble Pieces - Other than chalkboards, you can make use of scrabble pieces when creating a message. You can ask your subjects to hold the scrabble tiles or lay them flat on the floor. Try to form a meaningful word while the other tiles are scattered on the floor.

13. Spray Paint - From dull and boring to colourful and vibrant decors, you can make any item more attractive by adding a variety of colours to it. For instance, if you need a chair for your photograph, you may spray some paint on it to make simple furniture a fabulous one. What’s good about having different hues of spray paint is you can use them to suit your photography theme. For example, you can use white colour for a timeless feel. Another advantage of having spray paint is you can use it to anything that you would like to incorporate in the photograph.


It is essential to use your creativity to capture stunning photos. Props and other decors add to the aesthetics of the images. When considering props, there are affordable items that you could buy. Besides reducing costs, it can enhance your artistic side and resourcefulness as a photographer.