7 Must-Have Props for Fashion Photography

Woman, Umbrella, Floating, Jumping, Yellow Background


Fashion photography has come a long way in the field of photography. Since then, it is one of the most popular photography genres that is a dream career for some. Being a fashion photographer allows you to be exceptionally creative in the fashion industry. Besides, this genre also gives you the chance to collaborate with an artistic team that can motivate you to become a skillful photographer. There are several ways to excel in fashion photography. One of these is to become both expressive and resourceful when using significant props.


Props List for Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is vital in establishing your brand. It doesn't only focus on taking pictures of models, props, or even the location. Its primary goal is to create something that can grab the attention of anyone who will see the taken pictures. It is why it is significant to consider all the elements in a photograph. Other than the photography subject or model, try to use an appealing background and creative props to improve your photos. As a fashion photographer, here is a list of your must-have props:

1. Accessories - Don't forget to add a few accessories that can match the model's outfit. These items can add colour and mood to the photographs. You can choose among necklaces, bracelets, watches, and even sunglasses. Hats and scarves are also ideal for fashion photography. 

2. Antique items - Making use of antique items can provide uniqueness to your photographs because most of the vintage items are not easily found nowadays. They are also ideal for a retro theme. The advantage of having antique items is that you can repaint them anytime to bring their refinement. Some antique props that you could use are cameras, cars, furniture, and typewriters.

3. Boxes - Show your artistic side by playing with boxes of different sizes. You can use them as a photography background or something where your model can sit. Try to choose lightweight boxes so that you can move them quickly when changing the set-up.

4. Musical Instruments - To create a more personal and meaningful photo, you can use musical instruments in the photoshoot. You can ask the model to play with it and have fun while you are capturing the subject's genuine smile. Besides, you can tell the model to play the instrument and enjoy its sound. For easy set-up, try not to use heavy musical instruments. You can opt for guitars, flutes, and harmonicas.

5. Plants - From a bouquet to potted flowers, plants make excellent props. They can provide the resulting image with refreshing vibes. You can place them in the background or put them near the subject. 

6. Seasonal Items - There could be times when you have a seasonal photography project, so you have to be prepared with the props that can be associated with a particular occasion. For instance, jack-o-lanterns and witch hats can be used for a Halloween theme. Moreover, candy canes, Santa hats, and wreaths are ideal for the Christmas season.

7. Umbrellas - What's good about using an umbrella as props is its versatility. It goes well for both sunny and rainy season. Since this item comes in a variety of colours, you can use it to add vibrancy to your photos. On the other hand, umbrellas also go well for a black-and-white theme. There's a lot of photography ideas that you can think of when you add this to your props list.


Composition Tips for Excellent Fashion Photography

Props are valuable items that can improve or change the mood of your photographs. Before thinking of what accessories to use, it would be better if you already have a concept in your mind. Having an idea allows you to think of what to wear in the photoshoot, background setting, and props. Moreover, you also need to apply a better composition to capture amazing shots. Here are some reminders to do it:

1. Don't forget the rule of thirds. This tip is one of the most common practices that every photographer should know. It can be applied in any photography genre for great compositions. To achieve it, try to divide the camera frame into nine equal sizes mentally. Achieve balanced compositions by placing your subject at any point of the intersecting lines. Using your camera's gridlines can make it easier to see the divided frame.

2. Tell a story. As mentioned earlier, having a concept is vital for you to think of the significant props as well as the photography setting. Other than that, it helps you create a story for the photos. It is vital to have a theme that can connect the captured images. Even if you don't put words in the photographs, the viewers can determine the message of the pictures by having something that binds them.

3. Try different angles. Don't be too comfortable using one angle. As a fashion photographer, you can freely use your ideas and experiment by trying a variety of angles. Try to explore the environment and use it to your advantage. You can take pictures from above or below. Also, experiment with perspectives to change the mood of your photographs. 


Aside from having a high-end camera, making use of unique props could help you become a professional photographer. It is because utilizing props can make you more imaginative in the photography field. Try to keep it simple when using props. Adding too many decors can derange the overall photo composition. It is vital to know how you can use accessories to enhance the fashion image. Stay coordinated with your fashion team and identify your photography technique to capture excellent shots. Also, being visionary is one of the critical factors for you to become exceptional in this field.