Creative Ways to Use Your Action Camera

Action cameras became extremely popular after GoPro introduced them to the market. It is a prominent choice for both photography and sports enthusiasts. Action cams are excellent devices for capturing wide-angle shots and documenting extreme adventures. There are other fun and creative ways that you can do to maximize the use of your action camera.


Fun Ideas to Use Your Action Cam

With action cameras, recording your surfing or skydiving has become less challenging. You only need to attach the device on your helmet, and you are good to go. These devices are ideal for capturing high-risk sports in high-quality definition. If you want to level up your experience using action cams, then here are some exciting tips to use them:

1. Collect interesting items underwater. Attach an action camera to your helmet and record a video while you are swimming or snorkelling under the sea. Try collecting some interesting things like small shells while showcasing the beautiful scenes underwater. You can also take videos of the fishes and other marine life.

2. Create aerial shots. Action cams have wide-angle views, so they are excellent for aerial photography and videography. Try placing the action camera near the chandelier or from the lights for an aerial shot of the room. You can do this if you want to surprise someone and record the whole event. 

3. Create time-lapse videos. Other than documenting thrilling sports and activities, you may also create time-lapse videos. It is a fun way to show a process of how an item is done, especially if you are fond of crafting things. You can also take a video of how the seas changes from low to high tides. When shooting for long hours, ensure that you have a spare battery.

4. Make a private journal. If you are not fond of writing memories in a diary, then you can make a journal of videos using your action cam. Create fun and long-lasting memories using this device. Making a digital journal is a modern way of documenting your daily activities, which you can reminisce about when you grow old.

5. Observe the weather. Place the action camera outdoors, but make sure that it is in a safe place. Observe how the weather changes. Recording what is happening outside can provide you with fascinating videos that you can add to your collection.

6. Share your adventures through Periscope streaming. Periscope is an app that you can use to share your thrilling activities through live video streams. Many sports enthusiasts are doing this to share their passion and gain fans in their field. Since many action cameras have WiFi connectivity, it is now easier to connect to the world and share your latest trips. 

7. Use it as a dashcam to your bike. Dashcams are cameras installed in cars and vehicles to record trips. It can also serve as your protection from other drivers and police if an accident happens. If you are riding a bike to go to your school or at work, then it is important to protect yourself on the road, especially if unexpected events happen. You can make use of lightweight action cameras because they are easy to mount on bikes. Try attaching these devices on the handlebar.

8. Use the time-lapse setting in your action cam. There is no doubt that action cameras are perfect for video recording. However, grabbing a photo in the video may not give you a high definition image. If you want to capture the best shot of your adventure, then you may use the time-lapse setting of your action camera. Remember that the camera setting will be different depending on your activity. For slower movements where the environment is not changing quickly, you can slow the timer once every second or longer. If you are in a faster environment, then try changing the field of view to medium to capture the best quality image. You can set the timer to photograph your activities every half a second for high-octane captures.

There are numerous ways to create exciting videos of your trips or even your daily activities using an action camera. If you are new to using this fantastic device, then try reading a beginner's guide in using action cams. You can also experiment by adjusting the camera settings and shooting your adventures. With action cameras, you can be more creative while capturing your best memories.