Easy Guide for the Installation of A Dashcam in Your Car

Many drivers and car owners use a dashboard camera to take videos of their road trip. The footage recorded in the device can be used for entertainment, such as vlogging. Most importantly, the documented videos on the dashcam can also serve as pieces of evidence if an accident happens.

These benefits are the reasons why more and more individuals are considering mounting a dashboard camera in their car. If you haven't tried using a dashcam before and you want to fit one in the dashboard or near the car's rearview mirror, then there are several things to consider. Learning these things can help you overcome the challenges that you might face in the installation of a dashcam.


Do You Really Need A Dashcam?

Before worrying about the installation of a dashcam, it is vital to assess if you need one in your car. It is because this device is not as popular in other countries. Besides, dashcams are somehow expensive in other places. That means you have to allot a budget for it if you are considering this device for your vehicle. So to determine whether you need a dashboard camera, it is essential to know the purpose of installing it. Here are some of the best reasons that may convince you to mount one:

1. It provides first-hand evidence of a car accident. You'll never know what might happen while you are driving. In case of an accident, you'll be able to determine who is at fault considering the videos taken in the dashcam. The best thing about this car accessory is it provides real-time and efficient footage since the dashcam will start recording as soon as you start the car's engine. If your vehicle is involved in a car crash, then you can prove that it is not your fault by sending the videotape to the police authority. Should there be any court trial, then a dashcam video could be your first-hand evidence.

2. It can prevent insurance fraud. One of the common problems that drivers and car owners might face is insurance fraud. It is when someone lies to an insurance company for the sake of financial gains. Even if you are a responsible car driver, it may affect you since insurance companies might be encouraged to increase premiums. That's why if you have been caught in an unwanted event such as vehicular accidents, then you can send the footage to the insurance company, helping you get your insurance claims.

3. It can be used for entertainment. If you are into vlogging, then you can benefit from using a dashcam. It is because it can take videos of your road trips with the camera's wide-angle lens. Since Canada is blessed with many breathtaking locations, you may use a dashcam for your next road adventures. You will surely be amazed after seeing those scenic landscapes again from the recorded footage.


Installation of A Dashcam

As a new car owner or dashcam user, you might find it quite challenging to install the device in your car. To help you in the installation of the dashcam, try to follow the guide below:

1. Do some research about the mounting laws in your country. You can mount the dashcam in your dashboard or near the rearview mirror. But it is crucial to know that there are countries that have strict implementations when it comes to dashcam installation laws. Make sure to be aware of what's allowed before you install a dashcam using a strong adhesive. Certain regions require car owners to place the device in the lower corner or upper middle of the windshield.

2. Find a perfect spot. When it comes to the installation of a dashcam, the best spot is where there are no obstructions, providing the camera with better access on the road. If you are considering the place behind your rearview mirror, then make sure to clean the spot first with some rubbing alcohol. After that, you can now remove the adhesive or attach the suction cup then place them on the windshield.

3. Make sure the dashcam is working correctly. After mounting the dashcam, you can now plug it into your car's cigarette lighter and make sure it is turned on. You can take a quick drive to see if the device is working. You can also change the settings of the camera to find the best angle.

4. Hide the wires. If you are satisfied with the angle of your dashcam, then it's time to hide the wire or organize them using clips and tape. In this way, you can avoid having dangling cables while driving. 

5. Ask for assistance if you think that you need professional help. As a beginner in using a dashcam, you will need to research more and seek for assistance. Doing so can provide you with valuable insights that are beneficial in maximizing the use of your dashcam.


The Best Dashcam for Your Car

There are many models of dashcams that you can find in the market. Know that there could be no one-size-fits-all option. It is quite challenging to find a dashcam that has all the features you are looking for. Still, there are some things to consider when buying one for your cars, such as the built-in screens and GPS, field of view, picture quality and frame rate, and emergency sensors. The power source should also be taken into consideration. Most dashcams can be powered using the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle, but others can be hardwired directly to the battery. Since it could be more challenging to hardwire your dashcam, you may need professional assistance.

The installation of a dashcam becomes less challenging if you equip yourself with the right knowledge in mounting it. When it comes to using this device, make sure to abide by the laws in your country. It is also vital to consider the best spot and angle to maximize the use of a dashcam.